Assistance for mobility and wheelchairs

To begin with

With regards to the reservation method and the details of procedures done in advance, please check "Advance Procedures (Information About the Reservation Process)".

Advance Procedures (Information About the Reservation Process)

About Traveling Companions

Customers who find it difficult to do things by themselves need to fly with someone accompanying them in the same class.
Those people accompanying should please provide care and assistance at the airport, when boarding, during the flight and when deplaning, and should please give guidance and assistance at the time of an emergency.

About Traveling Companions (People Accompanying)

If you would like to use JAL, we will introduce a service in which a nurse will accompany you on your trip.
Registered nurses at the Japan Tours Nurse Center will help you safely and securely participate in your upcoming trip due to an illness or disability.
Please see the website of Japan Tours Nurse Center for details such as contents and fees.

The website of Japan Tours Nurse Center (Japanese Only)

At the time of the reservation

If you wish to use a wheelchair, please register your support information through the JAL website or by contacting us by phone.
Also,please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.

Information that you should know

If a customer plans to check their own wheelchair, we will ask for information about the customer’s wheelchair so that things will go smoothly.

It is free of charge for a customer to check their wheelchair.

About checked wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs

  1. Is it foldable?
  2. Size (height, width, depth)

    *For foldable wheelchairs, the size after folding

  3. Weight

Electric wheelchairs

  1. The battery type.
  2. Is it foldable?
  3. Size (height, width, depth)
  4. Weight
  • *There are restrictions on the size (height, width, depth) and weight of wheelchairs that can be loaded depending on aircraft. Please confirm the exact size and weight, and if you have any concerns, please consult with JAL reservation center or Special Assistance Desk.

  • *Because there are restrictions on the height of the cargo hold with some aircraft, wheelchairs may be kept lying on their sides. At the time of the reservation, please consult with us about the loading method.

Traveling with Electric Wheelchair

Handling varies depending on the type of battery. Please check your battery according to the following.
Since we will also visually check your battery at the airport on the day of your flight, please check the location where you can check your battery information in advance to ensure a smoother check-in process.

[by aircraft type] Size of Cargo Compartment Door

Aircraft Types Maximum height Maximum width
Size 1

Aircraft Types


Maximum height


Maximum width


Size 2

Aircraft Types


Maximum height


Maximum width


Size 3

Aircraft Types


Maximum height


Maximum width


Size 4

Aircraft Types


Maximum height


Maximum width


Traveling with Service Dogs

They can accompany customers in the passenger cabin free of charge.

For details, please check "Assistance dog".

Assistance dog

About seat reservations

We will do our best to secure a seat according to your requests, such as a seat with a movable armrest, or a seat close to the restroom. Please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

With regards to the position of your seat in the cabin, please check the page with the cabin seat layouts for domestic and international flights.

*some seats might not be available.

For customers who have difficulty maintaining a sitting position, you can use the auxiliary belt for fastening the upper body, or can borrow a child seat.

Please let us know at the time of the reservation since advance arrangements are necessary.

Flow of Events at the Departure Airport

Check-In Procedures

Staff can guide you from the check-in counter to the cabin of the airplane if requested. Please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

About the approximate time for procedures

If you need the assistance of staff to move within the airport, please come to the airport as early as possible.

If checking a wheelchair, it can take about 15 minutes for the procedure (transferring and checking the wheelchair, etc.)

Airport wheelchair

Wheelchairs are available to borrow at all airports (free).

You can use them from the check-in counter.

About airport wheelchairs

About airport facilities and device

For facilities at the airport, such as barrier-free restrooms, please check domestic airport information and international airport information

The location of Special Assistance Counter

*For information about device and facilities at each airport, please check the device and facilities at the airport.

Device and facilities at the airport

About customer wheelchairs

We keep customer wheelchairs in the cargo hold with care.

Since the batteries used for electric wheelchairs fall under items restricted for air transportation, we will check the type of battery, etc., at the time of the check-in procedure.

If you request to use your own wheelchair until you are at the airplane, please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

INTInternational Flights For customers who request to bring their own wheelchairs into the cabins of flights departing from and arriving in the U.S., please ask at the airport counter on the day of the flight date.

From check-in to picking up your wheelchair

In the video "From checking a wheelchair to picking it up", for customers who use wheelchairs, we introduce what happens from the time you check the wheelchair until you pick it up (the method for checking wheelchairs, the loading of wheelchairs and the picking up of wheelchairs).

Caption for Video

Security Check

It is done with the same details and in the same manner as other customers.

Be sure to go through the metal detector one by one. In some cases a pat-down screening may be necessary, but please be assured that the security staff will tell you what to do.

If you use JAL’s wooden wheelchairs, you can go through the metal detector smoothly.

If you have any concerns, please tell us at the time of the reservation, or at the airport counter when you check-in.

Flow of events for the security check

「In the video "Flow of events for the security check", for customers who use wheelchairs, we introduce the flow of events for the security check (inspection of hand luggage that you are taking into the aircraft cabin and passing through the security check site).

Caption for Video


How to board and going to your seat in the cabin

In the video "How to board and going to your seat in the cabin", for customers who use wheelchairs, we introduce how to board the aircraft, going to your seat and transferring seats.

Caption for Video

Pre-boarding service

For customers who need assistance, as soon as the cabin is ready, we board them to the flight first. For customers who request to use this service, please tell the boarding gate staff as soon as possible. We will also help with your hand luggage.

So that you can get in and out of the wheelchair smoothly, at some airports things such as lifts, assist stretchers, step elimination boards and wheelchair stairlifts are available.

About canes and walking aids

You can take these into the cabin free of charge. Please store these at your feet or in the storage racks.


We provide support so that you can safely board and go to your seat.

On-Board Wheelchairs

Cabin crew can provide assistance in transfers between your seat and an on-board wheelchair, and round-trips between your seat and the lavatory door.

On-Board Wheelchairs

*These are not available on some small aircraft (SAAB - 340, DHC-8-400 Cargo Combi & ATR42-600).


For the cabins of mid-sized aircraft and larger, there are restrooms that can be used with wheelchairs.

Please ask the cabin crew so that they can guide you with the on-board wheelchairs.

Restrooms that can be used with wheelchairs

When Arriving

We will also meet you at the arrival airport with a wheelchair for the airport. As for customer wheelchairs, we will return them at the arrival lobby baggage claim area, or if we checked the wheelchair near the boarding gate at the time of departure, we will return it close to the aircraft doorway. Customers who request to be assisted may have to wait a moment

Flow of events after arrival

In the video "Flow of events after arrival", for customers who use wheelchairs, we introduce the flow of events after arrival (moving in the cabin and picking up baggage).

Caption for Video

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If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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