Assistance dog

For customers traveling with service dogs such as the dogs can accompany them in the passenger cabin.

At the time of the reservation

The service dog assist with impaired mobility, vision, hearing can accompany them in the aircraft cabin free of charge. Please be sure to state this at the time of the reservation.

*On flights departing from and arriving in the U.S. (Guam included), emotional support dog and alert dogs(besides service dogs) can also accompany in the cabin if the conditions are met. For customers who request, please consult with us by 48 hours before the departure. Feck "About the basic policy of this support"

About the basic policy of this support


Customers living in Japan

"Information and consultations about boarding", the JAL Priority Guest Center

  • Toll free
  • Not toll free

For customers traveling with pets, please check here.

About Traveling Companions

Customers who find it difficulties to take care of your personal things by themselves are requested to fly with someone accompanying in the same class.
Those people accompanying should please provide care and assistance at the airport, and in cabin, and should please give guidance and assistance at the time of an emergency.

About Traveling Companions (People Accompanying)

About seat reservations

We will do our best to secure a seat according to your requests, such as a seat with a movable armrest, or a seat close to the restroom. Please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

With regards to the position of your seat in the cabin, please check the page with the cabin seat layouts for domestic and international flights.

*some seats might not be available.

About the animal quarantine international flight

Animal quarantines are applicable in the case of using international flights. For the entry conditions of each country, please contact the consulate of the country you will be visiting, and the nearest animal quarantine station in Japan.

When accompanied by an service dog from overseas, we recommend that you check "Information for those using service dog who have traveled from overseas" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Information for those using assistance dog who have traveled from overseas

Flow of Events at the Departure Airport

Check-In Procedures

Staff can guide you from the check-in counter to the cabin of the airplane if requested. Please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

About the approximate time for procedures

Please come to the check-in counter as early as possible.
We ask you to present a copy of the certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (authorization certificate and training completion certificate, etc.)

About airport facilities and device

For facilities at the airport, such as barrier-free restrooms, please check domestic airport information and international airport information

*For information about device and facilities at each airport, please check the device and facilities at the airport.

Device and facilities at the airport

Security Check

It is done with the same details and in the same manner as other customers. (Simplification of the security check due to disabilities, or preferential treatment, are not possible.)
Be sure to go through the portal gate one by one. In some cases a pat-down screening may be necessary, but please be assured that the security check staff will tell you what to do.


Pre-boarding service

For customers who require special assistance, as soon as the cabin is ready, we board them to the flight first.
For customers who request to use this service, please tell the boarding gate staff as soon as possible.


After boarding, cabin crew will provide information about the emergency exits, lavatory, device and facilities around your seat. For moving within the cabin as well, the cabin crew will provide you support.

While on the airplane, besides water, please refrain from giving anything to the assistance dogs for the physically disabled.

We provide support so that you can safely board and go to your seat.

On-board wheelchairs

On-board wheelchairs are available.

*These are not available on some small aircraft (SAAB - 340, Bombardier DCH8 & ATR42-600).

In-flight Entertainment

Programs are available with subtitling guidance, or audio guidance.

In-flight Entertainment In-flight Entertainment (PC)

Information in braille

The "Aircraft safety card" is available in braille.

Information in braille

Storage compartments

Please store white canes or auxiliary device at your feet or in the storage compartments.

Filling in immigration documents

INTWe will support you fill in immigration documents on international flights.

When Arriving

At the airport where you arrive, staff will guide you to the arrival lobby and those who are meeting you if requested.
Please do not hesitate to ask.
Customers who request to be assisted, may have to wait a moment.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions