Hearing or Speech Assistance

To begin with

With regards to the reservation method and the details of procedures done in advance, please check "Advance Procedures (Information About the Reservation Process)".

Advance Procedures (Information About the Reservation Process)

About Traveling Companions

Customers who find it difficult to do things by themselves need to fly with someone accompanying them in the same class.
Those people accompanying should please provide care and assistance at the airport, when boarding, during the flight and when deplaning, and should please give guidance and assistance at the time of an emergency.

About Traveling Companions (People Accompanying)

If you would like to use JAL, we will introduce a service in which a nurse will accompany you on your trip.
Registered nurses at the Japan Tours Nurse Center will help you safely and securely participate in your upcoming trip due to an illness or disability.
Please see the website of Japan Tours Nurse Center for details such as contents and fees.

The website of Japan Tours Nurse Center (Japanese Only)

At the time of the reservation

We accept reservations via the remote sign language interpreting service, the JAL website, email and the free-of-charge FAX service.
At JAL PLAZA Yurakucho Office (staffed counter), sign laguage interpreting service is available.

Nippon Foundation telephone relay service is available(only in Japanese).

The Nippon Foundation telephone relay service (Japanese Only)*1

*1 If you would like to use this service, you will need to register in advance. For details, please refer to the Nippon Foundation Telephone Relay Service website(available in Japanese only).

About hearing assistance dogs

Passengers who are hearing impaired and wish to bring a hearing dog on board may do so at no cost.
Please be sure to register your hearing dog's information when booking your flight, either through the JAL website or by contacting us by phone.
Also,please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.
For details, please check the following "Assistance dog".

Assistance dog

About cochlear implants and hearing aids

If you have a remote control or telecommunicator when using a cochlear implant or hearing aid,
please turn off the remote control or telecommunicator during flight, as these devices emit radio waves.
You can use the main unit without turning off the power.

*Some seats on board may not be available for passengers with cochlear implants.

About seat reservations

We will do our best to secure a seat according to your requests. Please consult with us at the time of the reservation.
With regards to the position of your seat in the cabin, please check the page with the cabin seat layouts for domestic and international flights.

*some seats might not be available.

Flow of Events at the Departure Airport

Check-In Procedures

Writing boards are available at special counters or information counters.

We will guide you to the boarding gate if requested.

If there is a delay in the scheduled boarding of the flight, or a change in the gate or aircraft, staff will inform you through a writing board or memo.

About the approximate time for procedures

If you need the assistance of staff to move within the airport, please come to the airport as early as possible.

About airport facilities and device

For facilities at the airport, such as barrier-free restrooms, please check domestic airport information and international airport information.

The location of Special Assistance Counter

*For information about device and facilities at each airport, please check the device and facilities at the airport.

Equipment and facilities at the airport

Security Check

It is done with the same details and in the same manner as other customers.
Be sure to go through the metal detector one by one. In some cases a pat-down screening may be necessary, but please be assured that the security staff will tell you what to do.
If you have any concerns, please tell us at the time of the reservation, or at the airport counter on the day of the flight date.


Pre-boarding service

For customers who request to use this service, please tell the boarding gate staff as soon as possible.
Staff will guide customers to their seats on the airplane if requested.


You can communicate with cabin crew via written communications, etc.
To help our customers easily identify the cabin crew who can speak sign language(Japanese), they are wearing a sign language badge.

In-flight Entertainment

Programs are available with subtitling guidance.

In-flight Entertainment In-flight Entertainment (PC)

When Arriving

We will guide you to the arrival lobby or meeting place if requested.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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