Arrival Process

Video explanation:
Three photographs are displayed onscreen:
A person in a piloted dualski (a wheelchair on ski), skiing on a ski slope.
A person wearing goggles and swimming fins, diving under the sea.
A person lying face down on a surfboard at the edge of a wave near the shore, engaged in adapted surfing. Helpers stand nearby, watching over the surfer.
The photographs on the screen change.
A mountaintop settlement, surrounded by high mountains. There are animals.
A person wearing a wetsuit sits on a sandy beach, with their back turned to the camera. A guide dog sits at their side, also wearing a life vest.
A person sitting in a wheelchair on a snowy mountain gazes up at the aurora. The sky is filled with stars.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey with Japan Airlines

Video explanation:
A photograph shows an attendant wearing a navy blue uniform, and a passenger sitting in a wheelchair.
The attendant smiling and pointing with an open hand, giving directions.
The passenger is holding a handbag, and looking in the direction indicated by the attendant.

Arrival Process

  • deplaning from the cabin
  • picking up your checked-in baggage

In this video, we would like to explain our wheelchair assistance service at your destination.

Video explanation:
Illustration of a telephone receiver on a red circle

We are very happy to support you. If you would like to request assistance, including the rental of a wheelchair at the arrival airport, please contact our call center when you make the reservation.

deplaning from the cabin

Video explanation:
Inside the aircraft cabin, a passenger is sitting in her seat. The seats are arranged in rows of two and three, with an aisle positioned between the rows.
The passenger is sitting in an aisle seat, in a row of three seats.
A woman, and a man in a suit pass by, walking along the aisle.

When the aircraft arrives, please stay seated as our staff will assist with the deplaning process.

Video explanation:
The cabin attendant speaks to the passenger waiting in her seat.
The passenger nods.

Cabin attendant: "Could you please wait while we prepare your wheelchair?"

Passenger: "OK, Thank you."

Video explanation:
The passenger is waiting in her seat.
An attendant brings a wheelchair for assisting passengers on and off the aircraft, and wheels it backwards towards the passenger’s seat.
A cabin attendant holds the passenger’s bag, and watches from the side.

Our staff will escort you from your seat.

Video explanation:
The passenger moves from her seat into the wheelchair using her upper body.
The cabin attendant helps the passenger put the seatbelt on, and checks that it is securely fastened.
The attendant speaks to the passenger, and then proceeds to push the wheelchair.
The passenger and attendant exit the aircraft together.
The cabin attendant stands at the aircraft exit, and bows her head to see them off.

Please sit back and relax as the process will be smooth.

picking up your checked-in baggage

Video explanation:
Inside the airport, a sign above the entrance says "Baggage Claim." Next to symbols for a wheelchair and baby stroller, the sign also shows the words "Wheelchairs / Strollers Entrance Only."
The attendant pushes the passenger in the wheelchair as far as the baggage claim conveyor.

Our ground staff will escort you to the baggage claim area.

Video explanation:
The attendant stops the wheelchair and bends down to the same eye level as the passenger to explain.
They smile as they converse with one another.

Attendant: "Our staff will bring your personal wheelchair shortly. Could you please wait here?"

Passenger: "Sure, thank you."

Video explanation:
The attendant brings the passenger’s own wheelchair and pushes it until it is in front of the passenger.

Your wheelchair is returned to you by our staff at the baggage claim area.

Video explanation:
The attendant helps the passenger in preparing to move from the rental wheelchair into the passenger’s own wheelchair.
The attendant takes the passenger’s bag and holds it.
After the passenger moves to her own wheelchair, the attendant hands over the bag, and bows to the passenger.

If you want to use your own wheelchair from the arrival gate, please let us know when you make your reservation.

Video explanation:
Bags and other luggage flow swiftly along the baggage claim conveyor.
The customer points to a black suitcase on the conveyor with her hand, indicating to the attendant that it is hers.
The attendant lifts the suitcase down from conveyor, and checks the number on the baggage claim tag against the number on the customer receipt.

Our staff will help you to pick up your baggage.
If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask any of our airport staff.

Video explanation:
The passenger and attendant come out of the exit into the arrivals area.
The attendant stops the wheelchair and bends down to the same eye level as the passenger, and points with her hand to indicate a direction.
There are signs showing the way to various places with arrows, including the monorail, Keikyu Railways platforms, Parking area No.2, bus and taxi ranks, Parking area No.1 and information counter.
The passenger smiles and replies to the attendant.
The passenger heads towards her next destination in her wheelchair. The attendant bows to see her off.

We are able to guide you to a public transportation terminal such as a train, taxi, bus stop or parking area.

Video explanation:
Various scenes shown up until now are displayed again:
Inside the aircraft cabin. The passenger sitting in her seat. The flight attendant smiling as she speaks to the passenger.
The attendant coming to meet the passenger, with the wheelchair used for ferrying passengers to and from the aircraft.
Bags and other luggage flowing around the baggage claim conveyor.
The attendant checking the number on the suitcase’s baggage claim tag against the number on the customer receipt.
The attendant bending down to the same eye level as the customer and pointing with her hand to indicate the directions shown on the signs as she gives directions.

Once arriving at the airport, we are here to support you to make your journey as smooth as possible.
Please enjoy your journey with Japan Airlines.

Video explanation:
The JAL logo of a red crane with outspread wings