Security Screening

Video explanation:
Three photographs are displayed onscreen:
A person in a piloted dualski (a wheelchair on ski), skiing on a ski slope.
A person wearing goggles and swimming fins, diving under the sea.
A person lying face down on a surfboard at the edge of a wave near the shore, engaged in adapted surfing. Helpers stand nearby, watching over the surfer.
The photographs on the screen change.
A mountaintop settlement, surrounded by high mountains. There are animals.
A person wearing a wetsuit sits on a sandy beach, with their back turned to the camera. A guide dog sits at their side, also wearing a life vest.
A person sitting in a wheelchair on a snowy mountain gazes up at the aurora. The sky is filled with stars.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey with Japan Airlines

Video explanation:
A photograph shows an attendant wearing a navy blue uniform, and a passenger sitting in a wheelchair.
The attendant is leaning down, close to the passenger in the wheelchair.
The passenger looks back over her shoulder, and smiles at the attendant.

Security Screening

  • carry-on baggage screening
  • going through the metal detector

In this video, we would like to explain the procedure at the security checkpoint.

carry-on baggage screening

Video explanation:
A sign shows the words Security Check.
The airport lobby.
An attendant pushes a passenger in a wheelchair.

After you complete the check-in process, you need to proceed through security.

Video explanation:
On the wall in the security check area, there is a poster listing precautions.
An attendant carries a tray and holds it out in front of the passenger in the wheelchair.
The female passenger takes a PET plastic bottle and a cellphone out of her bag, and places them in the tray. Finally, she places her bag in the tray.

Please place all carry-on bags on the tray, including electronic devices, metals, and liquids. Our staff will provide assistance, so please feel free to ask any questions.

going through the metal detector

Video explanation:
The security check area.
The attendant pushes the passenger in the wheelchair.
A airport security officer wearing white gloves stands next to the metal detector, giving directions.
The attendant speaks to the passenger. She then pushes the wheelchair through the metal detector.
The passenger is sitting in a wooden wheelchair.
The airport security officer bows to see them off.

Please follow the security staff’s instructions.
Our staff will assist you during the screening process as well.
As JAL's wheelchairs are made of wood, you can go through the metal detectors very smoothly.

Video explanation:
The attendant pushes the passenger in a wheelchair through the metal detector.
The wheelchair is made of metal.
The attendant stops the wheelchair next to the airport security officer.

If the buzzer goes off when you go through the airport metal detector,
you will be asked to go through additional checks such as a pat down.

Video explanation:
The airport security officer speaks to the passenger in the wheelchair, and then conducts a pat down check, touching the seated passenger with both hands.

The airport security officer: "Please allow us to conduct a pat down."

Passenger: "Sure."

The airport security officer: "Thank you."

The security check can be conducted while sitting on the wheelchair.

Video explanation:
After completing the check, the airport security officer bows.

The airport security officer: "Thank you for your cooperation."

Passenger: "Thank you."

Video explanation:
The passenger in the wheelchair speaks, pressing her hand to her chest near her heart as she does so.
The airport security officer listening to the passenger points with her hand, indicating the direction that the passenger should take.

If you have any kind of metal in your body such as a pacemaker, please let the security staff know before screening.

Video explanation:
Various scenes shown up until now are displayed again:
The attendant pushes the passenger in a wheelchair in the airport lobby.
The attendant pushes the passenger in a wheelchair through the metal detector gate in the security check area.
The airport security officer stands by, watching.
The airport security officer bows to the passenger.
The attendant hands the passenger her bag.

Our staff will provide assistance during the security screening process.
Please enjoy your journey with Japan Airlines.

Video explanation:
The JAL logo of a red crane with outspread wings