Boarding Process

Video explanation:
Three photographs are displayed onscreen:
A person in a piloted dualski (a wheelchair on ski), skiing on a ski slope.
A person wearing goggles and swimming fins, diving under the sea.
A person lying face down on a surfboard at the edge of a wave near the shore, engaged in adapted surfing. Helpers stand nearby, watching over the surfer.
The photographs on the screen change.
A mountaintop settlement, surrounded by high mountains. There are animals.
A person wearing a wetsuit sits on a sandy beach, with their back turned to the camera. A guide dog sits at their side, also wearing a life vest.
A person sitting in a wheelchair on a snowy mountain gazes up at the aurora. The sky is filled with stars.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable journey with Japan Airlines

Video explanation:
A photograph shows an attendant wearing a navy blue uniform, and a passenger sitting in a wheelchair.
The attendant is leaning down close to the passenger in the wheelchair, smiling. The passenger is smiling, too.

Boarding Process

  • boarding assistance
  • boarding process
  • transferring to your aircraft seat

In this video, we would like to explain our wheelchair assistance service in the boarding process.

boarding assistance

Video explanation:
The attendant pushes the passenger along in the wheelchair.
At the boarding gate, a gate counter attendant bows to greet them.
The attendant takes the passenger's ticket, and touches it against the gate's barcode reader.
The attendant then hands the ticket back to the passenger.

You can board the aircraft with priority boarding.

Video explanation:
The attendant pushes the passenger in the wheelchair and passes through the boarding gate.
The counter attendant bows to see them off.

Please arrive at the gate early.

Video explanation:
A photograph shows two attendants outside, in the aircraft loading area, operating a vehicle equipped with a wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair Lift for Narrow Body Aircraft

Video explanation:
A photograph shows a step car with a wheelchair lift for passenger boarding. The photograph shows a passenger in a wheelchair preparing to board an aircraft. A cabin attendant is providing support.

Passenger Boarding Step Car with Wheelchair Lift

Video explanation:
A photograph shows a passenger preparing to board an aircraft using an aircraft boarding chair. Two attendants are carrying the aircraft boarding chair, one facing backwards.

Aircraft Boarding Chair

Video explanation:
A photograph shows a large truck parked next to an aircraft.
The truck's cargo platform works as a lift, and the raised container is connected to the aircraft entrance.

Passenger Boarding Lift

Video explanation:
A photograph shows a boarding slope installed at the entrance to an aircraft.

Boarding Slope

Boarding processes are different at each airport.
Our trained staff will assist you with the boarding process.

boarding process

Video explanation:
At the entrance to an aircraft,
An attendant pushes a passenger in a wheelchair towards the entrance.
The cabin attendant standing by the door bows to greet them.

Our staff will assist you to your seat, as requested.

Video explanation:
A wooden rental wheelchair.
The attendant shows how the armrests can be removed.

Removable armrest

Video explanation:
A metal rental wheelchair, fitted with large wheels.
The attendant shows how the wheels can be removed.
The armrests can also be removed manually, to make the wheelchair more compact.

Removable wheels

The airport wheelchair's armrest and wheels are removable, so that it can be used to board the aircraft.

Video explanation:
Inside the aircraft.
The seats are arranged in rows of two and three, with an aisle positioned between the rows.
The attendant wheels the passenger, seated in the wheelchair, backwards along the aisle.
The attendant points with her hand, indicating an aisle seat on the three-seat side of the aisle.

Attendant: "This is your seat."

Passenger: "Thank you."

transferring to your aircraft seat

Video explanation:
The attendant raises the seat's armrest.
The cabin attendant opens the seat belt on the passenger's wheelchair.
The attendant provides support by holding the wheelchair in place.
The passenger uses her upper body to move from the wheelchair to the seat.
The attendant and the passenger bow to one another.

The armrest is movable, so you can transfer to your seat easily.

Video explanation:
The cabin attendant hands a pillow and blanket to the passenger.

If you need additional blankets or pillows, please let us know when you make your reservation.

Video explanation:
Various scenes shown up until now are displayed again:
The attendant arrives at the boarding gate, pushing the passenger along in the wheelchair. The counter attendant bows to them.
The attendant touches the passenger's ticket against the gate's barcode reader.
The passenger sits in her seat onboard the aircraft, smiling as she speaks with an attendant who has brought a wheelchair.
A cabin attendant speaks with the passenger sitting in her seat.

We will assist you throughout the boarding process.
Please enjoy your journey with Japan Airlines.

Video explanation:
The JAL logo of a red crane with outspread wings