Customers with Sleep Apnea Syndrome (CPAP Usage)

Medical Devices for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)The following information is for your information only and is not intended for use in the cabin, carry-on, or checked baggage.

In-flight use of CPAP
Domestic flights: No power supply for PCs is available in each seat, so they cannot be used on board.
International flights: Can be used by connecting to the in-flight computer power supply, but prior confirmation is required to ensure that the customer's CPAP can be used in-flight due to limited electricity in the cabin.
Medical device besides CPAP cannot use the personal computer power supply.

At the time of the reservation

After making an appointment, please contact the "the JAL Priority Guest Center" with the manufacturer‘s name, model number, size, and battery type of your CPAP.

the JAL Priority Guest Centerthe JAL Priority Guest Center

Even if you do not intend to use your baggage in the cabin, we will register the manufacturer's name, model number, size, and battery type information if you are bringing it on board or checking it in.

Please consult with when using CPAP, you do not need to show a prescribed medical certificate.

Please confirm beforehand the aircraft that provide a personal computer power supply (PC power source).

*There are instances when some aircraft, classes or seat numbers do not have a personal computer power supply.

Traveling companion customers

Customers who find it difficulties to take care of your personal things by themselves are requested to fly with someone accompanying in the same class.
Those people accompanying should please provide care and assistance at the airport, and in cabin, and should please give guidance and assistance at the time of an emergency.
For details, please check "About Traveling Companions (People Accompanying)".

About Traveling Companions (People Accompanying)

INTWhen using the onboard personal computer power supply

When you can use it only when the flight is level (it cannot be used during takeoffs or landings or while on the ground)
Seats where you can use it

*Please confirm in advance.
There are instances when it cannot be used with some aircraft, classes or seat numbers.

PC power source The power supply for personal computers. It is limited to devices with up to 110V and 60Hz, and with a maximum power consumption of 75W.

*For the safety of customers, we have set limits on the amount of the power supply.
If use goes beyond the maximum electric power consumption, the power supply of the customers in the seats next to you might also be cut off.

Because the PC power supply is designed for personal computers, and is not designed for medical device that require a high-grade power supply, medical devices other than CPAP cannot be connected.

Only use an AC adaptor power plug that can be securely plugged in all the way into the socket.

The power supply may be cutoff without notice when a problem occurs in the system or excess power supply occurs.

In using the personal computer power supply, the relevant device is used at your own risk. Please be aware that JAL cannot bear any responsibility.
Please look at "Information about the power supply for personal computers".
Guide for PC Power Supply

When using CPAP with a battery drive

Confirmation is necessary since batteries are restricted items for air transportation. Please notify us about the battery type.

About seat reservations

If using onboard, there are some seats in the cabin that we cannot provide you.
Please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

Placement location

Store and use it in the specified place, such as under the seat in front of you.
If you have any concerns, please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

*some seats might not be available.

Flow of Events at the Departure Airport

Check-In Procedures

Staff can guide you from the check-in counter to the cabin of the airplane if requested. Please consult with us at the time of the reservation.

About the approximate time for procedures

We will check the CPAP device. Since it may take a while to check, please arrive so there is enough time.

About airport facilities and device

For facilities at the airport, such as barrier-free restrooms, please check domestic airport information and international airport information.

The location of Special Assistance Counter

*For information about device and facilities at each airport, please check the device and facilities at the airport.

Information about the Various Device and Facilities


We provide support so that you can safely board and go to your seat. Please use this with peace of mind.

Pre-boarding service

For customers who request for assistance, as soon as the cabin is ready, we board them to the flight first. For customers who request to use this service, please tell the boarding gate staff as soon as possible.

When Arriving

If you need help at the arrival airport, please don't hesitate to ask our staff.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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