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Web Accessibility Policy

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. is committed to improving accessibility in order to better communicate with our customers and to provide a website that can be used smoothly by all users.


We consider improving the accessibility of our website an important initiative in order to meet our customers' diverse needs. Our goal is to provide everyone with easy-to-understand and smooth access to information, and to reduce barriers to using JAL services.


To improve accessibility, we are committed to the following:

  • We maintain and operate our accessibility guidelines based on the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and ensure full compliance with them when designing and creating website content.
  • We carry out implementation using WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), a technology for improving accessibility.
  • Accessibility design and verification in the new production phase.
  • Ongoing accessibility verification of operational phases (e.g. updates).
  • We regularly test the accessibility of our website to identify and fix problems. We take on board advice from both internal and external accessibility experts.
  • We accept feedback and suggestions from users and use them to make improvements. We value user feedback and strive to improve accessibility.

The JAL Group will continue its efforts to make JAL websites that can be used comfortably by everyone.

Target Conformance Level

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Recommendation WCAG 2.1 Level of Conformance AA


Our goal is to ensure the compliance of as many pages as possible within the following sites.


Pages under https://www.jal.co.jp/

Pages under https://booking.jal.co.jp/

Pages under https://book-i.jal.co.jp/

Actions to be taken if standards are not met

  • Video content is provided with subtitles and other alternative information to ensure that the content can be understood by video-only or audio-only viewers. Some video content that was created before the accessibility policy was established and does not meet the standards will be replaced or re-created as needed.
  • If there are accessibility problems with external services used on JAL websites, we take measures such as requesting improvements from the provider.

Revision History

Published March 28, 2024


For inquiries regarding web accessibility, please contact us through "Feedback and Comments".