How to use support belts

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How to use support belts

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Support belts are available for customers who have difficulty maintaining an upright sitting position.


Video explanation:
A photograph shows a customer sitting in a seat, with a thick belt wrapped around them, covering their abdominal area.

If you have difficulty maintaining upright sitting position, we can prepare a support belt free of charge.
If you want to use support belts, please contact JAL's Priority Guest Center at your earliest convenience.

Video explanation:
Inside the aircraft, a cabin attendant hands a belt to a passenger. The belt is rolled into a cylindrical shape.

We will hand it to you in the cabin.
We would request an accompanying traveler to fasten the belt for you.

how to use support belts

Video explanation:
A passenger is sitting in their seat.
An accompanying traveler wraps a belt around the passenger's abdominal area and the back of the seat, and fastens it.
The belt has Velcro-type fasteners.

Please wrap the support belt around the back of the seat and around your body.

Video explanation:
The passenger's lower body is covered by a blanket.
The accompanying traveler checks that the passenger's seatbelt is fastened.

Please fasten your seat belt tightly as well.

Video explanation:
A cabin attendant hands a pillow and blanket to the accompanying traveler.

If you need additional blankets or pillows, please let us know when you make your reserevation.

Please enjoy your journey with Japan Airlines.

Video explanation:
The JAL logo of a red crane with outspread wings