JAL Group Domestic Flights Award Anytime

Award Anytime allows you to book an award ticket as long as there is an available seat on a flight - even when no award seats are available - by redeeming more miles than those required for a standard award ticket.


  • Due to changes to the domestic fare system, JAL Group Domestic Flights Award Anytime will be discontinued ending with flights departing April 11, 2023.
  • Tickets are valid only until April 11, 2023. They cannot be used on April 12, 2023 or later. If you do not plan to use a ticket by April 11, 2023, please request a refund before your trip begins.

Available Period

Flights departing on/before April 11, 2023

Application start date

From 9:30 a.m. (Japan time) 330 days prior to the flight date

  • There are no blackout dates.

Required miles

Updated: September 2021


Zone Required miles for Award Anytime
Zone A

2 sectors: 26,000 miles

1 sector: 13,000 miles

Zone B

2 sectors: 48,000 miles

1 sector: 24,000 miles

Zone C

2 sectors: 80,000 miles

1 sector: 40,000 miles

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  • To book a Class J award ticket, 4,000 miles are required per passenger per flight sector, in addition to the required miles shown above for an Economy Class award ticket.
  • Information on routes can be found below.

Additional miles required by departure/arrival airport

For routes departing/arriving at airports that collect Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) as listed below, the following miles will be added to the required miles for the respective departure and arrival airport.

Example: Required mileage for Haneda - Itami (1 sector)
13,710 miles (Zone A 13,000 miles + Haneda 370 miles + Itami 340 miles)

Updated: May 2022


Airport Additional required miles
New Chitose* 270
Sendai 230
Haneda 370
Narita 370
Chubu 440
Itami 340
Kansai 340
Fukuoka 100
Kitakyushu 100
Naha 240
  • Due to system reasons, additional miles are not required for New Chitose - Memanbetsu.

Eligible routes

JAL Group domestic routes

  • Valid for travel on codeshare flights with Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) and Amakusa Airlines (AMX).
    Please note that such reservations must be made by phone.

Eligible classes

Class J and Economy Class

Reservation deadline

Reservations made via the JAL website Reservations made by phone
23:59 one day prior to the departure date End of business hours, one day prior to the departure date
  • Waitlisting is not permitted.
  • Open itineraries are not permitted. Reserved flights cannot be changed to open tickets.
  • Reservations and mileage processing must be completed in advance. Reservations cannot be made at the airport.

Who is eligible for awards

Awards can be used by the JMB member, the JMB member's spouse, the JMB member's relatives within two degrees of kinship, and the spouses of the JMB member's brothers/sisters-in-law.

  • If the member redeeming miles for an award is a JMB Diamond member, please make a reservation for JMB DIAMOND Award Tickets.

More information can be found below.

Reservation changes


Reservation changes will be accepted until 23:59 one day prior to the new departure date of each flight sector (until the business day prior to departure for requests made via the JMB Domestic Award Reservation Desk/JMB Center) or before the departure date and time of the original reservation, whichever is earlier (Japan time).

  • Please note that the entire journey must be completed within the validity period of the award ticket.

Class J

The following changes can be made via the JMB Domestic Award Reservation Desk/JMB Center:

  • If a Class J seat is available, an Award Anytime ticket can be changed to a Class J award ticket upon payment of an additional 4,000 miles per passenger per flight sector.
  • When changing a reservation for a Class J Award Anytime ticket, a Class J seat may not be available or scheduled for the new flight and date. If you travel in Economy Class on your new flight and meet certain conditions, the difference in miles from Class J will be refunded to your account. Please note that miles that have expired at the time of processing the refund will not be returned to your account.

Other notes

Reservations can only be changed as an Award Anytime ticket, even if seats for standard award classes are available on your new flight. Award Anytime tickets cannot be changed to standard award tickets or refund the difference in miles. And also, standard award tickets cannot be changed to Award Anytime tickets.

Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards

  • Miles redeemed for an award can be refunded to your account only if the award is completely unused. 
    A refund charge of JPY 3,100 is required per passenger per award.
  • Members in regions other than Japan: Local currency equivalent to JPY 3,100.
  • Miles cannot be refunded after flight departure.
  • For more details, please refer to the Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards.

Other conditions

For all other condition of use concerning application and usage Domestic Award Tickets rules will apply. 

How to request JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Tickets

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