[Domestic] My flight might get DELAYED or CANCELLED... What can I do? Need help? Check the JAL WEBSITE

  • My flight might get DELAYED or CANCELLED...  What can I do? Need help? Check the JAL WEBSITE [Domestic] My flight might get DELAYED or CANCELLED...  What can I do? Need help? Check the JAL WEBSITE [Domestic]

Where can I get the latest info?

When will they decide whether to delay/cancel my flight?

It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes it can happen right before departure time.

Although decisions sometimes have to wait until right before departure due to changing circumstances,we'll do everything we can to announce a decision as early as possible when inclement weather is expected.
Delays and cancellations are posted on the JAL website as soon as they are decided. You can check the latest info on flights starting the day prior using the "Flight Status" search.

We'll notify you as soon as possible of delays, cancellations, and other status changes.

When you provide an email address with your booking, you'll get real-time notifications on delays, cancellations, and weather alerts.

Find the latest info on delays and cancellations here.

Phone lines can be busy, but you can always find the same info you'd get from the call center on the JAL website.

Just click on "Latest Flight News" under "Flight Status".

You can check specific routes and flights with the "Domestic flights flight status" search.

Check flight status

View airports with flight disruptions

Shows today's flight news and the time of the next update.

Check latest flight status

Search departure/arrival status for flights booked for today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

What can I do with my ticket?

Your ticket gets special treatment.

If a flight disruption is expected, you can change your ticket or get a refund even if the delay/cancellation hasn't been finalized.

No fees

You can change your ticket or get a refund without paying fees when a flight disruption is expected.

Click below to find out if your flight qualifies for a fee waiver.

Note: Flights marked with a *or ! in "Departures and Arrivals" search results are eligible for a fee waiver.

Postpone up to 30 days

If your flight is expected to be disrupted, you can change to another flight within 30 days of the departure date at no extra charge.

It's easy to do on the JAL website

In case you are unable to proceed, you can submit your request for ticket refund through this online form.

  • You are responsible for your own expenses (such as transport and accommodation) incurred due to the disruption.

Changes and refunds are also available after flight departure.

Change/refund after departure

You can make changes and get refunds even for departed flights up to 30 days after the departure date via the call center.

  • The JAL website cannot be used for changes/refunds for tickets for flights that have already departed
  • If you purchased the tickets through a tour operator, travel agent or on another travel site, please contact them directly.