(International) My flight might get DELAYED or CANCELLED... What can I do? Need help? Check the JAL website

  • My flight might get DELAYED or CANCELLED...  What can I do? Need help? Check the JAL WEBSITE (International) My flight might get DELAYED or CANCELLED...  What can I do? Need help? Check the JAL WEBSITE (International)

Worried a typhoon might disrupt your trip?

Get the latest info on delays and cancellations

When will they decide whether to delay/cancel my flight?

It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes it can happen right before departure time.

Although decisions sometimes have to wait until right before departure due to changing circumstances, we'll do everything we can to announce a decision as early as possible when inclement weather is expected.

Decisions are posted on the JAL website as soon as they are made.

You can check the latest info on flights starting two days before the scheduled departure date using the "Departures and Arrivals" search.

We'll notify you as soon as possible of delays, cancellations, and other status changes.

Simply provide an email address or mobile number with your booking or download and set up the JAL app to receive notifications.

Getting the latest info on delays and cancellations

You can always find the same info provided by the call center on the JAL website, even when phone lines are busy.

View airports with flight disruptions

Shows today's flight news and the time of the next update.

Check latest flight status

Search departure/arrival status for flights booked for today and up to 2 days before and after.

Flight delayed or cancelled?

Find out what you can do with your ticket

Bookings through JAL

No change or refund fees

Change/refund after departure

Changing and refunding tickets

If a decision is made to cancel or significantly delay your flight, you can change to another flight or receive a refund.

There is no fee for doing so.

If your flight is cancelled or the departure time changes, you can view the updated flight details under "Manage Bookings" on the JAL website.

For more details, please see "How to use the JAL website."

If you are unable to view your booking on the JAL website or no longer wish to travel on a flight that has changed, please contact the JAL call center.

For tickets that cannot be refunded on the website, we have prepared a refund application form. If you have a ticket that is not refundable on our website, you can request a refund from the refund form below.

*Tickets can still be changed or refunded after the flight's departure time as long as they have not been used, but please contact the JAL call center as soon as possible.

Contact us

Bookings through a travel agent

Changing bookings and refunding tickets

Requirements and conditions may vary. To change your ticket or obtain a refund, please contact the travel agent where you purchased the ticket.

Flight Delay / Cancellation / Diversion Certificate


A cancellation/delay/diversion certificate will be issued if your flight is cancelled, delayed 30 minutes or more, or diverted to another destination.