Request for On-time Departure

The JAL Group considers flight on-time performance as a key indicator of service quality.During the years, the JAL Group's on-time performance has steadily improved.As we express our gratitude for your understanding, we continue to request for your continued cooperation in observing the closing times as shown below.

Proceed to the Security checkpoint 15 minutes before departure.  Please be at the boarding gate 10 minutes before departure. Departure time is when all doors are closed and the aircraft begins to move.
  • * Please check in your baggage at least 20 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time.
  • * Passengers connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight must complete check-in 30 minutes prior to departure time.
[International Flight] Check-in should be done 60 minutes(*1) before departure. We recommend you be at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure. Departure time is when all doors are closed and the aircraft begins to move.

There is a possibility that you may not be accepted for your flight after 10 minutes before departure for both domestic and international flights.

Please be reminded to be on time!

The ‘departure time’ (STD - Scheduled Time of Departure) is the time when the aircraft ‘begins to move’.
An aircraft cannot move immediately after passengers have onboarded.

The following preparations must be made after passengers have boarded the aircraft.

  • Carry-on baggage must be stowed.
  • Passengers must be seated and with seat belts fastened.
  • The cabin door must be closed.
  • The boarding bridge must be removed from the aircraft.
  • Final check of emergency evacuation devices must be made.

After all of the above preparations for departure have been completed, the air traffic will give clearance and only then can the aircraft finally start moving.

Considering these processes, the JAL Group requests passengers to board with plenty of time. If a passenger could not show up by the above mentioned times and it is determined that an on-time departure will not be achieved, the passenger may not be accepted for his/her flight.

We recommend you to arrive with ample time for leisure boarding.

Thank you for your cooperation for on-time operations. Asia-Pacific's No.1 on-time performance.