About e-ticket

Flight tickets are issued as e-tickets, in form of digital data retained on JAL's system, disregarding where and how they were purchased.
After purchasing the ticket, you may use the two-dimensional (2D) barcode for boarding.
The 2D barcode is equivalent to your e-ticket itinerary/receipt that contains data such as your name, flight number and other ticket information. It can be printed out from the JAL website, or obtained from JAL Group domestic ticketing counters or your travel agents.

  • 2D barcode (e-ticket itinerary/receipt) can be obtained from the JAL website as many times as needed.
    It contains important information for verifying a passenger's right to a flight ticket. Please keep them in a safe place as they must be presented when boarding as well as when making a change to or getting a refund for your booking.

How to board your flight

If you have completed the flight reservation, ticket purchase and seat selection, you can use your e-ticket itinerary/receipt for JAL Touch & Go boarding. Proceed directly to security checkpoint and boarding gate without needing to check in at airport counters or automatic check-in kiosks.

Besides JAL Touch & Go boarding, you may also check in at the Self Service Check-in Kiosk or check-in counter in the airport.

Issue Receipts and Boarding Certificates

You can view receipts and boarding certificates as many times as you like on the website up to 1 year from the ticket purchase date.

View e-Ticket Info

You can view ticket usage status, expiration dates, and ticket numbers on the website.