Receipt issuance

Learn about how and where to obtain receipt of JAL domestic ticket.


・Receipt issuance at Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosks ended on April 11, 2023.
After this date, electronic receipts will be issued via the JAL website.

About receipt

Receipts for tickets booked on the JAL website, via phone, or at a JAL Group city or airport counter can be issued up to one year from the purchase date using the electronic receipt.

  • The receipts meet the requirements of the qualified invoice system as stipulated by the Consumption Tax Law of Japan.
  • Our air transportation business falls under the category of businesses permitted to issue qualified simple invoices as stipulated in Consumption Tax Law Enforcement Order 70-11 (1) (iv).
  • Receipts cannot be issued for payments through travel agencies.
  • The ‘receipt’ or ‘statement of charges’ delivered at the convenience store or ATM when you complete your purchase can be used as a receipt, however, it is not a receipt that complies compliant with the method to be retained for qualified invoice, etc.

Instructions (electronic receipt)

Electronic receipts can be issued as many times as you like.

  • Receipts for change and cancellation charges are only issued on the change/cancellation completion page (one time only)


Display your booking details

From the Manage booking button, search for the reservation of the receipt you want to display.

From the Manage booking button, search for the reservation of the receipt you want to display.


Select receipt to display

On the Reservation Details screen, select the "View receipt" button from the services associated with the reservation.


Select addressee and passenger/flight

Enter the addressee's name and select the passenger, and click the "View receipt" button to view the receipt (PDF).

  • Please disable the pop-up blocker before use.


  • If you require a qualified invoice,please select "Indicate your itinerary" as the "date of transfer of taxable assets (actual boarding date)" is required on the receipt.
  • A paper receipt is available at the ticket purchase counter upon request.
  • If a booking change has resulted in payment of a fare difference, the receipt will display the ticket purchase price after the change.
  • Tickets whose usage status is “Exchanged” are not displayed.Please select the most recent ticket information after the exchange.
  • If a booking change occurs after part of a multi-sector booking has already been travelled, the total amount shown on the receipt will be different from the total shown on the fare statement (by segment) because the receipt will not include already-travelled segments.
  • For receipts for Economy Class tickets (flights departing on/before April 11, 2023) except First Class and Class J, please use the below request form.

Domestic flight receipt application (for handling charges only)

If no receipt was issued on the change/cancellation completion page, please use the request form.


  • Receipt will not be sent by other channels rather than post mail.
  • Receipt will be sent to the address in Japan only.
  • Post mail may take 7 to 10 days.
    (For any urgent request, please contact JAL Domestic Reservation & Information or collect it at the airport counter on your departure day.)
  • Receipt cannot be re-issued.
  • Receipt of international ticket cannot be issued.

If the electronic receipt is not available

Receipts may be requested at an airport counter or through the JAL Contact Center (by mail).

Please inform a staff member you wish to have a receipt issued.

You will need one of the following to file a request:

  • e-ticket itinerary/receipt
  • Order number (for flights departing April 11, 2023 and earlier)
  • Ticket number (for flights departing April 12, 2023 and later)
  • Your JMB membership number (must have been registered before the ticket was purchased)


  • If you require a qualified invoice, as "date of transfer of taxable assets (actual boarding date)" will not be indicated on the receipt, please keep your e-ticket receipt, etc. that shows boarding date.
  • Receipts may only be issued once.They cannot be reissued.(If a receipt has already been issued and you wish to have separate receipts issued for each passenger, you may exchange the already-issued receipt for separate receipts)
  • Issuing a receipt at an airport counter can be a lengthy process.If you wish to have a receipt issued on the day of travel, please be sure to arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare.
  • Receipts for flights departing on/before April 11, 2023 cannot be issued on the mobile site of JAL website.