Receipt issuance

Learn about how and where to obtain receipts.

Applicable receipts and period

Receipts can be received at the time of ticket purchase or on the day of departure. Issuing of receipts after the day of departure may require some time (a number of days) for receipt issuance procedures, or there may be cases where receipts cannot be issued. Passengers using the JAL Touch & Go service may also issue receipts using Self service check-in and ticketing KIOSK.

  • *JAL receipts cannot be issued for tickets purchased at a travel agent. Please contact the travel agent that issued the ticket.
Eligibility Flight tickets purchased from JAL's website, from JAL's mobile site, through a telephone booking, or from a JAL Group city or airport ticket counter.
Applicable period Receipts may be issued up to one year from the ticket sales date.
Issue limit Once. Receipts cannot be reissued.
Info on receipt Receipt issue date, ticket purchase date(*), ticket number.
*Ticket purchase date is not indicated on handwritten receipts issued at JAL counters on the same day the ticket is purchased.

What you need for receipt issuance

The credit card used at time of purchase, e-ticket passenger copy, confirmation number, or JMB Membership Number*.

  • *If a JMB Membership Number has been registered by the time of purchase.
Payment method Issuing locations Note
Self service check-in and ticketing KIOSK
JAL Group city or airport domestic ticket counter JAL website
Credit card
JAL website/
By telephone
at a convenience store * An official receipt will be provided by the convenience store when you complete your purchase.
Ticket counter
  • *The Website Receipt Display Service is only available in Japanese.

How to issue a receipt

Self service check-in and ticketing KIOSK

You can easily receive your receipt by using Self service check-in and ticketing KIOSK.

  • -Check-in, and issue your receipt at the same time.
  • -Receipts can be issued ten days before or after your reserved date.
  • -You can issue receipts for open tickets, individually if your reservation is made from multiple people, and can also choose to exclude the First class or Class J fares from the total amount.
  • -Receipts can also be issued from boarding areas at New Chitose Airport, Haneda Airport, Itami Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Kumamoto Airport.
  • *If you have purchased tickets in cash or used JAL coupon at JAL Group city or airport ticket counter, or used e JAL POINT full amount to purchase a ticket and changed your reservation from the web site, you cannot receive your receipt using Self service check-in and ticketing KIOSK.
  • *Customers applying JMB Companion Fare cannot issue receipts from Self service check-in and ticketing KIOSK.

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JAL Group city or airport ticket counter

Receipts will be issued at the time of ticket purchase. Receipts can also be obtained at the departing airport on the date of departure.

  • *To have receipts issued for each customer after a previous receipt was issued, turn in the previous receipt at the ticket counter.

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Website Receipt Display Service

The Website Receipt Display Service allows you to display and print out receipts yourself. You can display receipts from the purchase complete screen following ticket purchase, or from the purchase history search screen.

  • *If you change your reservation or add a flight, the price after the change will be displayed.
    But if you proceeded using telephone or the JAL Group city and airport ticket counter, your reserved flight and the display may be different.

How to use the Website Receipt Display Service


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