Boarding Certificate

Boarding certificates for flights can be issued after you board them.

Issued for

Tickets purchased at the following locations:

  • JAL website
  • JAL call center
  • JAL Group domestic ticketing counter (city/airport)
  • Travel agent

Applicable period

Varies depending on location of issue.

Website: 1 year from ticket purchase date

Boarding certificate mailing service (Please contact the JAL Call Center): 2 years from ticket purchase date

How to issue a Boarding Certificate

Follow the below steps to have a boarding certificate issued via the JAL website.

Step 1

Search for Ticket Data Using e-Ticket Search

Use the e-Ticket Search function to locate ticket data used to issue a boarding certificate.

You can search using your JMB login (membership number), order number (for flights departing on/before April 11, 2023), or ticket number (for flights departing on/after April 12, 2023).

  • When searching by order or ticket number, each passenger’s number must be entered separately.

Step 2

Select e-Ticket

If you searched using your JMB login, a list of e-tickets will be shown. Select the e-ticket for which you want to issue a certificate.

If you searched by Order Number or Ticket Number, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Select Flight to Display Boarding Certificate

Select the flight to display from the 'Boarding Certificate" field at the bottom of the e-Ticket Details screen, then click the "Issue Boarding Certificate" button.

Boading certificate mailing service

Boarding certificates cannot be issued via the JAL website in the following situations. Please contact the JAL call center (Domestic Reservation and Information) and provide your booking details (boarding date, flight number, booking number, passenger names, Order Number or Ticket Number, etc.).

  • Ticket issued via "JAL ONLINE(for corporate)".
  • Irregularity occurred in flight (flight cancelled or aborted, destination changed, etc.)
  • Ticket status is other than "Used"
  • Boarding certificate could not be issued on JAL website for any other reason