Inflight entertainment / JAL Premium Economy Class Enjoy your sky journery with a wide variety of our entertainment selection.

Your entertainment onboard

Movies and videos

Watch movies and JAL original video programs, read the news, and more.

Video programs

Audio programs

A wide range of audio genres ranging from the latest pop music to rakugo (comic storytelling) performances.

Audio programs


Test your skills against baffling board games, action-packed video games and more.


Digital book

Read electronic books such as manga inflight.

*Applicable aircraft: Boeing 787


Inflight entertainment equipment

MAGIC, JAL inflight entertainment system

The MAGIC inflight entertainment system gives you access to today's talked-about movies as well as games great for taking a mental break, in addition to a wide variety of audio content ranging from the latest pop music to rakugo (comic storytelling) performances. Your own personal screen lets you start watching a variety of programs from any point you wish.

Noise-canceling headphones

Experience the unrivalled sound quality of our comfy, SONY background noise-canceling headphones. Our headphones are sure to enhance your enjoyment of our inflight entertainment and long wearing listening comfort.

Available on routes:
Between Japan and London, Frankfurt, Paris, Helsinki, Moscow, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angels, San Diego, Dallas, Vancouver, Sydney, Honolulu, Jakarta and New Delhi

*Headphone model may change subject to the operating aircraft.

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