Receipt Issuance

Electronic receipt can be issued on JAL website for tickets purchased at Japan Airlines.

Applicable period

Available until 45days after the departure date of last flight segment.



This applies to tickets purchased from JAL's website, from JAL's mobile site, from JAL's smartphone site, through a telephone booking, or from a JAL Group city or airport ticket counter. If done before the start of travel, receipts can be issued for more than one passenger at the same time (if the same booking).

  • *This does not apply to tickets purchased overseas or tickets purchased with cash or through a bank transfer, JAL coupon, or JAL voucher via a JAL Group counter or telephone booking.
Payment method Payment location Note
Credit card
  • JAL website
  • JAL reservation and information
  • JAL ticketing counter
Information of your reservation is required, such as departure date,flight number,from/to,traveler's name,reservation number, or credit card number.

Timing and place

Timing of issue Available access point
Before departure You can issue receipts from the following places.
  • Booking confirmation screen
  • Top page for international routes
After departure Available from the top page for international routes.

How to issue electronic receipts

Please click the"Electronic Receipt"button on international top page and input your ticket data.

  • Notes concerning the issuance of electronic receipts

    • You can also issue receipts for JAL International Award Tickets and partner airlines' award tickets. (JAL International Award Tickets and partner airlines' award tickets cannot be applied for from JAL's mobile site or smartphone site)
    • To receive a receipt for a cancellation or refund, or a receipt indicating additional charges added through a reservation change, please apply via the e-mail you will receive after your ticket purchase has been completed. Please apply and have receipts issued prior to the start of your trip. (Does not apply to award tickets or tickets purchased overseas. )
    • It is the responsibility of the customer to verify whether or not the screens presented through this service can be printed out and used for accounting purposes.
    • If you have purchased a ticket through a travel agency, please contact that relevant travel agency.
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