Ticket Types

This page explains the types of tickets available and how to use them.


  1. Purchasing a flight ticket assumes, in accordance with JAL's Condition of Carriage (International Passengers and Baggage), that an international condition of carriage has been agreed to by the airline and the customer for the segments noted on the flight ticket.

    Condition of Carriage (International Passengers and Baggage)

  2. Always abide by the order of the itinerary noted on the ticket. If the customer does not follow the itinerary in order or has a segment that will not be flown listed on the ticket, this could invalidate the ticket, including all remaining segments, and render the ticket unusable in accordance with fare regulations.
  3. Only the passenger whose name is on a ticket may use that ticket. Names cannot be changed and tickets cannot be transferred to others.

Ticket validity

Ticket validity is set according to the type of fare.

When normal fares apply Partially used 1 year from the carriage commencement date
Unused 1 year from date of issuance
When special fares apply The term of validity set according to the regulations that apply to that type of fare

E-ticket (Electronic Ticket)

E-tickets show the customer's name, flight number, departure date, fare paid, and other such information.
Passengers can obtain their boarding passes through online check-in from the JAL website or JAL mobile website, or by presenting their e-ticket customer copy at a check-in counter or personally using an automatic check-in machine at an airport.

EMD(Electronic Miscellaneous Document)

In the case of tickets for which booking changes can be made according to fare regulations, the customer may receive an EMD customer copy after JAL makes changes requested by the customer. There are two main types of EMD issued in this situation.

EMD customer copy (sample)

1.Copy of amount paid

  • In the event that a rebooking fee or other fee is paid to make changes to a ticket (e.g. when "REBOOKING FEE" is noted in the Purpose column)
  • If the price of a new ticket following a ticket change is less than the price of the original ticket and rules preclude a refund of the difference due to the payment method used, etc. (ACCOUNTING PURPOSE is noted in the Purpose column)

2.Copy of refundable amount

If the price of a new ticket following a ticket change is less than the price of the original ticket and a refundable amount is incurred (e.g. RESIDUAL VALUE or REFUNDABLE BALANCES is noted in the Purpose column), the EMD will have a refund request expiration that is one year and 30 days from the date of issuance (noted to the upper left of EMD Customer Copy). Please submit refund requests promptly as refunds cannot be issued after the expiration has passed.

Please contact JAL's International Bookings and Inquiries department for more information. We ask that you have your EMD number (noted to the upper left of EMD Customer Copy) ready when contacting us.

JAL International Bookings and Inquiries
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