Beverages / Economy Class Making your flight more enjoyable and familiar.


  • Selected free drinks

    With a variety of beverages that include our selected coffee, we strive to meet your every expectation. Please feel free to tell us about your drink of choice.

      • Sky Time Peach & Grape MIX
      • Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice
      • Coca-Cola
      • Ayataka, Cooled-Green Tea
      • I LOHAS,Natural Mineral water
      • Coffee
      • Consomme soup
      • Hot Green tea*
    • *Hot green tea is not available on certain flights.

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  • Note

    • *Inflight services and options may vary due to weather and aircraft changes.
    • *Some hot drinks are served at lower temperatures on board to prevent passengers from suffering burns.
      We refrain from serving hot drinks to adults holding children.
    • *We will not disturb you while you sleep. Please feel free to contact us when you wake up.
    • *Inflight beverage service is not available on certain routes with short flight times.

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