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We provide a number of special items to make your inflight experience more comfortable. Whether before or after your flight, you're now free to relax.

Inflight dining

  • *Photo may not represent actual product.
(from 10:29)
From Japanese-style meals that come with a variety of small dishes to Western-style meals that bring joy in the form of fresh salads and fruits, we provide delicious breakfast menus to fit your taste buds.
(10:30 - 16:59)
We will serve seasonal Japanese style meals or Western style meals.
(after 17:00)
We have collaborated with renowned restaurants and high-class establishments around Japan to bring you some truly fine culinary choices. Enjoy our daily designed menus with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
  • *Time in parentheses indicates flight's scheduled departure time.
  • *For Okinawa routes, supper is provided for flights arriving after 18:00.


  • *Photo may not represent actual product.
Alcoholic beverages Japanese sake, champagne, Shochu (Japanese distilled liquor), beer, red wine
Non-alcoholic beverages
Cold beverages
Orange juice, Apple juice, JAL original drink "Sky Time Kiwi", Perrier, Mineral water, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, "Karadameguricha", Japanese green tea "Ayataka", Suntory "All-Free" (Non-alcohol beer taste beverage)
Hot beverages
Coffee, black tea, Sencha (steeped tea), Hojicha (oven roasted tea), consomme soup

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