Reservation change, cancellation and refund

Reservation change and refund due to flight disruption

Handling policy will be different when flight delay or cancellation is expected due to severe weather conditions or aircraft maintenance.

Reservation changes and cancellations

  • Please make all booking changes and cancellations 20 minutes prior to the departure of your scheduled flight.
  • If changes or cancellations are not completed for the booked flight prior to its departure, bookings may not be changed to a different flight. This applies for even passengers with flight tickets that allow for booking changes. Only refunds can be issued in such situations.
  • Changes and cancellations can be made via the JAL website, by phone through the JAL call center (Domestic Reservation and Information), or at a JAL Group Domestic Counter (City/Airport).

Change a booking

  • Change of passenger information (including name change) on the ticket is not permitted. To make any update on the passenger information, you are required to cancel the booking, refund the ticket and purchase a new ticket.
  • New flights cannot be added after purchase.
  • Reservation change is not permitted for some fares. Please check the fare rules of your ticket.

Please scroll horizontally.

Fare types Change permitted
before purchase
Change permitted
after purchase
One-Way Fare, Child Fare, Round-Trip Fare, Discount for the Disabled, JAL Business KIPPU, Shareholder's Saver Fare, Care Giver's Saver Fare, Special Transit Fare, Round-Trip Fare, Remote Island Fare Yes Yes *1
Transit Fare 28,Transit Fare 7,JMB Companion Fare No *2

Flex, JAL CARD Flex, Business Flex, Specific Route Flex,

Shareholder's Flex (for flights departing on/after April 12,2023),

Remote Island Flex (for flights departing on/after April 12,2023)

No *2 Yes *1
Saver, Special Saver, Round Trip Saver, Promotion No *2 No *3
  1. If there is any fare difference between the times of ticket purchase and rebooking, this difference will need to be settled (charge or refund).
  2. Please cancel and then redo the booking. No Refund Charge and Cancellation Charge will be applied.
  3. If there are seats available in First Class or Class J on the day of departure at the airport, upgrade is acceptable with an additional charge.

Cancel a booking

There is no cancellation/refund fee for cancelling a ticket before purchase or for cancelling a booking only (converting to an open ticket*).

  • A ticket purchased without booking a specific flight; only the route is specified
  • Beginning with flights departing April 12, 2023, booking-only cancellations (open ticket conversions) will no longer be availabe.


Customers may request to have a flight ticket or surcharge ticket refunded.

About ticket refund

Handling charges

All ticket refund will be subject to designated Refund Charge and Cancellation Charge.

Time limit for refund

Ticket refund is accepted no later than 10 days* after the ticket validity expired.

  • Beginning with flights departing April 12, 2023, the ticket’s validity period, plus 30 days starting the day after the last day of the ticket’s validity period

Special handlings apply in case of flight delay or cancellation due to inclement weather, etc.

Required information

For flights departing on/before April 11,2023

  • Authentication code (JMB membership number or order number) or ticket

For flights departing on/after April 12,2023

  • Authentication code (JMB membership number or Ticket number) or ticket
  • Payment number (for convenience store, ATM, and Internet money transfer purchases)

Passenger Facility Charge

To be fully refunded

Refund fee exemptions

If a passenger or his/her travel companion is not able to travel due to sickness, the ticket can be refunded without Refund Charge and Cancellation Charge, provided that medical certificate issued by a physician is submitted.
Please contact JAL Domestic Reservation and Information Desk for more details.

How to apply a refund

  • For tickets purchased via non-JAL websites or travel agencies, please use the website or agency where the ticket was purchased.
  • Substitute Tickets or Ticket Code for Shareholder's Saver Fare will be provided if the refund is within the Shareholder's Saver Fare's ticket validity and the refund availability period for the ticket purchased.

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Ticket paid by Refund request accepted at How to receive refund
JAL website JAL call center JAL Group domestic ticketing counter (city/airport)
Credit card Yes Yes Yes Refund will be returned to the credit card used for the original payment.
e JAL Points Yes Yes Yes Refund will be returned to the JAL point account of the paying member.

(Convenience store in Japan)

Yes *1 Yes Yes

JAL website, phone: Bank account of your choice
JAL Group Counter: Cash refund on site

(JAL Group domestic ticketing counter)

No *2 Yes Yes

Phone: Bank account of your choice
JAL Group Counter: Cash refund on site

(e.g. travel coupon)
No No Yes Varies depending on payment method. Please note that some tickets cannot be refunded.
  1. If the boarding date of the first flight segment is the day after the request date, the JAL website cannot be used.
    Please contact the JAL call center (Domestic Reservation and Information).
  2. Available beginning with flights departing April 12, 2023

When to receive a refund (Number of days required for refund processing)

Credit card

Refunds may be processed the following month due to credit card company cutoff dates and refund processing timing or for JAL administrative reasons, even if the refund request was received by your credit card company's request deadline.

The full amount may be withdrawn and then subsequently refunded minus the transaction fee; alternatively, the withdrawal and refund may happen simultaneously and only the fee will be withdrawn.

For details, please contact your credit card company.

Bank Transfer

Refunds will be deposited within 5 business days of the refund request. However, refunds may experience delays due to bank system failures or large-scale flight disruptions arising from inclement weather.