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Alcoholic beverages

JAL wine selection

JAL First Class passengers can enjoy specially selected wines from around the world. Pair a glass with a fine meal and enjoy a quality moment with us.
JAL has brought onboard OKOSHI Motohiro, who has made his mark far and wide as a wine taster and wine director. Under his advisement, JAL have carefully selected wines that we invite you to pair with your meal and enjoy.

Some selections were awarded Gold, Silver medals from the world knowned wine competition, International Wine Challenge.

  • JAL Wine Advisor OKOSHI Motohiro's profile

    OKOSHI Motohiro
    Wine Taster

    • 2003 winner of first JALUX WINE AWARD
    • Popular lecturer at ACADEMIE DU VIN
    • International Sommelier Assocation, International A.S.I Sommelier

    Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Joined the service industry after working as bartender. Facinated by wines, he went to France and on returning to Japan, acquired a sommelier qualification in 2000. After participating in competitions and achieving experiences, he went to France again from 2006 for 2.5 years to deepen his understanding of wines. He continues to visit wineries and producers and communicate the essense of wines as Japan's first wine taster. Also knowledgeable of Japanese sake and sochu, which he highly acclaimed for creating the perfect match of wine, Japanese sake and cuisine.

Wine list

Salon 2007

Only Jal's First Class passengers, can enjoy the privilege of savoring the highest quality Champagne "Salon" in the stratosphere. Since it's very first vintage released in 1921, Salon's trademarks are the harmony of higly condensed, yet clear saltiness and acidity, along with a tight, strong body.
The 2007 vintage features intriguing characteristics such as fresh citrus, white pepper and chalky effervescence with nuances of minerals. As its temperature rises, flavors of pear and bread expand to create a more intricate aroma. This is a beautifully balanced, dry Champagne with a lingering afternote.
Relax and enjoy Salon's elaborate flavor, a special indulgence just for our First Class passengers.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2013

Cristal is one of the world’s oldest prestige cuvées, produced with quintessential Louis Roederer winemaking techniques. Cristal’s origin can be traced back to an 18th century anecdote; Alexander II, Czar of Russia, who had cherished Louis Roederer’s Champagnes, requested for one to be specially bottled in crystal bottles which would symbolize his fame. This wine is crafted from meticulously selected, top quality grapes harvested in their own vineyard. After bottling, Cristal is released only after a long maturation period of 6 years on average. Handmade in every aspect, pursuing the zenith of quality, this Champagne is in a class of its own. The Cristal 2013 vintage offers gentle flavors of pear and citrus, along with a yeasty hint of pain de mie, intricately mingled together. With itssuper-fine bubbles, thisis a dainty, soft cuvée with an impressive velvety taste on the palate from your firstsip to the last. Savorthe pleasant fruitiness and fresh, well-balanced acidity. The afternote lingers as you glide through the stratosphere.

Península Vino Atlántico 2018

Península Vino Atlántico is a wine of superb quality made from Hondarrabi Zerratia, an indigenous wine variety harvested in the Basque region of Spain.
This wine is loved by the locals and called Txakoli in Basque dialect and Chacolí in Spanish.
It has a colorful aroma evoking citrus and pineapple and features lively acidity and saltiness.
While its body is light, this is a well-focused dry wine that offers you a smooth palate and crisp afternote.
〔Hondarrabi Zerratia〕

Chateau Lagrange 2014

Chateau Lagrange, located in Saint Julien, Bordeaux is a renowned winery even among its prestigious 3rd growth peers. Since 1983, when Suntory joined the ranks of management, its reputation has been further augmented. This claret has a sophisticated aroma that evokes cassis, mulch and licorice. Now at a gorgeous stage in its maturity, you can fully appreciate the flavors of gaiety alongside ripeness. This is a full-bodied Bordeaux, in which a complex afternote, smooth palate and elegant tannins are creating a beautiful harmony.
〔Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Others〕

Japanese Wine Craftspeople

Here is an introduction to a couple of wines made by Japanese overseas.

Chateau Igai Takaha SONO Pinot Noir 2016
This is the flagship wine of Chateau Igai Takaha, a winery named after the owner's family crest.
It was made the owner's wife, Miyoko Sugimoto, in mind. SONO is from a nickname for his wife's maiden name, Sonoda.
A sophisticated blend of bold fruitiness and refined acidity alongside a strong minerality make this a jewel of a wine.

KUSUDA Martinborough Pinot Noir 2017 (Japan=London / Paris route)
Ask any of the wine experts around the world, and they will attest to thebrilliant wines being produced by a rare breed: a Japanese winemaker, Kusuda in New Zealand.
Lush cranberry and plum notes are complemented by flavors evoking cloves and cinnamon, choreographing a complex aroma. Expansive acidity and well-matured, yet still fresh fruitiness emanate a rich and profound taste on your palate. Finely textured tannins and the long-lasting flavors segue into this wine's smooth, delightful afternote.
〔Pinot Noir〕
  • *Please use the inflight meal search screen for more information about brands and the routes that serve them.
  • *Brands are subject to change. As supply is limited, your preference may not be available.

Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)

We offer a broad selection of Japanese sake that are often difficult to find. Our shochu options are the well-knowned "Moriizo" and "Kanehachi”.

Some selections were awarded Gold, Silver medals from the world knowned wine competition, International Wine Challenge "Sake Department".

Japanese Rice Wine (Sake) list

Toyo Bijin (East Asian Beauty) – Tokugin Banshu Aiyama

Rare “Aiyama” rice grown in Hyogo Prefecture is used as Kake-mai,while the Koji-mai is “Yamada Nishiki” locally harvested in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Both are lavishly polished to 40% and the sake is brewed leisurely at low temperature. Fruity and color ful aromas amuse your senses followed by a transparent elegance and velvety sweetness on the palate. Enjoy Toyo Bijin’s mellow afternote evoking lush fruits.
(Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Jikon Hakutsuru-Nishiki

Kiyashou was established in 1818 when the founder took over a sake brewery. Although a small sake producer, Kiyashou has always placed importance on the quality of its sake, blessed by the bountiful eco-climate of the Iga basin and utilizing medium-soft natural spring water from the Nabari riverbed. This sake is made using “Hakutsuru-Nishiki,” a species of rice preferred for sake brewing developed after 8 years of effort by the renowned Hakutsuru Brewery. Hakutsuru-Nishiki rice is distributed to only a very limited number of breweries in Japan for sake production, which elevates its status as a cult sake. This Junmai Daiginjo possesses a complex aroma of white flowers, tropical fruits and herbs, and a juicy sweetness evoking mango and pineapple, along with acidity. Featuring a light-hearted touch on your palate, the condensed Umami expands through your senses. Savor Jikon Hakutsuru-Nishiki’s mariage with your cuisine - an especially amicable mariage with cuisine having mellow Umami. Kanpai!
(Mie Prefecture)

For other alcoholic beverages, please search for "drinks" on the inflight meal search screen.

Search inflight meal menu

Notice to drivers

Passengers who need to drive after disembarking should kindly refrain from drinking during the flight.
Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and legally prohibited.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Soft Drinks

Royal Blue Tea

"Queen of Blue" has a sweet scent of fruit and honey with a gentle, refreshing taste, combined with a robust body like black tea, but without any bitterenss or astringency.

This well-balanced flavor makes "Queen of Blue" an ideal pairing for any meal.

* Photo may not represent actual product.

Cold beverages

  • Orange juice
  • Apple juice
  • Tomato Juice
  • JAL original drink
    "Sky Time Peach & Grape MIX"
  • Perrier
  • Mineral water
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sprite
  • Ginger ale
  • Hoji Blended Tea
  • Japanese green tea "Ayataka"

Hot beverages

  • Coffee
  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Herb tea

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