Recommended Environment

As of May 17, 2022

System Requirements

In order to ensure safer and more comfortable use of the JAL website (PC site), we have confirmed display and operational verification using the following browsers.

The site may not perform properly in environments other than those noted below.


Google Chrome latest version, Microsoft Edge latest version


Google Chrome latest version, Safari latest version

Additionally, the following are recommended browsing environments for certain functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)


Notices and Advisories

  • This site is designed to be compatible for tablet PCs, such as iPad. However, some functions, may not work properly on these devices.
  • When using the tab function of browser or other browsers to use the same function on the JAL website at the same time using multiple tabs, some issues may occur, such as selected content being carried over to another tab.
  • We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 to use functions related to JAL Group Domestic Award Tickets.
  • The site is not guaranteed to operate on preview releases or beta versions of software, or on full browsers installed on mobile telephones.
  • If your OS is not the Japanese version, sections of Japanese text on the website may become corrupted.
  • Due to the combination of browser and OS, it may not respond or be displayed properly, even with the recommended system requirements.


Adobe Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader) is necessary to view or print PDF files.


Private user information entered into the JAL website is protected by SSL. No special settings need to be enabled in your browser to use SSL. By using a browser compatible with our security functions, personal information entered by customers, such as their name, address, and telephone number, will automatically be encrypted before transmission. Even in the unlikely event that transmitted data is intercepted by a third party, users need not worry that the content of that data will be able to be read by that third party. A closed padlock in the bottom right portion of your browser indicates that the page uses using SSL-secure transmission.

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol for transmitting information in an encrypted format over the Internet.

About "SHA-2" SSL Certificate

We are updating the server certificate from "SHA-1" to "SHA-2" so that all the customers can use the services on JAL website safely. You may not be able to use some of the pages such as Reservations Purchase Function on the JAL website from the usage environment that does not support "SHA-2" format.

If your PC usage environment corresponds to the main environment given below, please change the usage environment or upgrade the version.

Main usage environment on which JAL Website will not be available
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 or lower
  • OS: OS prior to Windows XP SP2
  • About "SHA-2" method

"SHA-2" is a type of server certificate that encrypts the communication so that internet can be used safely. Higher safety is achieved by using advanced encryption method.


Some portions of the JAL website use JavaScript. If JavaScript is not enabled in the settings of the browser you are using, some pages may not function or be displayed properly. To ensure that you can view all of the content on the site, we recommend enabling JavaScript in your browser settings.

Recommended Environment

We are verifying the security and ease of use of the JAL website (mobile) on devices and networks provided by mobile carriers in Japan (NTT docomo, SoftBank, au, Y!mobile).

  • The website may not function properly on browsers or OS other than those stated below.
  • We are committed to providing support for our users should they experience inconvenient issues, such as specification changes in browsers installed on new models.

iOS(iPhone, iPod touch)

OS: 11 or higher  Browser

Browser: standard browser installed with OS

  • iPad does not meet the recommended system requirements.


OS: 5.0 or higher  Browser

Browser: standard browser installed with OS

Additionally, the following are recommended browsing environments for certain functions.

JAL automated chatbot (Domestic and International) on the Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A) page


Notices and Advisories

  • SIM Free devices and MVNO (affordable SIM), Android feature phones, and similar devices do not meet the recommended system requirements.
  • The website may not function properly on the specified devices or browsers due to smartphone settings and available memory.
  • Due to the combination of device and OS, or browser and plug-ins, it may not respond properly, even with the recommended system requirements.


You may need to install an app to view PDF files. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.) If you cannot view the PDF file, please check the PDF browsing method of your device, as it can vary for each device.