JAL International Upgrade Awards

Travel in a higher class of service on JAL international flights

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The following booking class will not be eligible for JAL International Upgrade Awards.

Booking class X: Not eligible on flights leaving on or after November 5, 2021.

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Who is Eligible for Awards

Awards can be used by the JMB member, the JMB member's spouse, the JMB member's relatives within the second degree of kinship, and the spouses of the JMB member's brothers/sisters-in-law.
For more information, please refer to Reminders when Redeeming Mileage.

  • For members in the Japan region who have registered to the JALCARD Family Program, awards redeemed by pooling family mileage may be used by the primary member, the primary member's spouse, the primary member's second-degree relatives, or the spouse of the primary member's brother/sister-in-law. For more details, please refer to the notes on redemption of awards using the JALCARD Family Program.
  • For members in regions other than Japan, please refer to the notes on award redemptions using the JAL Family Club mileage pool.
  • Separate rules and conditions apply when booking via the JAL website. Please refer to the Notes when using International Upgrade Awards.

Number of Flight Sectors Permitted

One upgrade award is required for each flight sector.
Two upgrade awards will be required for itineraries that originate outside Japan and use Japan as a transfer point to continue to a final destination outside Japan.
For example, when making a request to upgrade an itinerary from Bangkok to Los Angeles, two upgrade awards for the two sectors (one from Bangkok to Japan and one from Japan to Los Angeles) will be required.


Upgrade awards are available for either round-trip or one-way travel.
When using upgrade awards, all of the travel restrictions and conditions of travel for the ticket you purchased will apply.

Combining Upgrade Awards

You cannot combine two upgrade awards to be "bumped up" from Economy Class to First Class (by using an award for upgrade from Economy to Business with an award for upgrade from Business to First). Upgrade awards are from the lower class to the next higher class only. Reservations cannot be upgraded to the next higher class of service by paying the fare difference in cash or other payment method.

Other conditions

Flight mileage is based on the fare of the purchased ticket.

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