Redeeming Mileage

Redeem your miles for award tickets, coupons that can be used for travel, electronic money, and much more. Awards are available from 1,000 miles.

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Redeem your miles for travel

Award tickets

Redeem your miles for award tickets on JAL Group domestic flights - starting from 6,000 miles one-way.

Journeys to various destinations in the world on JAL international flights start at 7,500 miles one-way.

Your miles can be redeemed for award travel on any oneworld alliance airline or any JMB partner airline.

Popular services

  • Upgrade your flight using fewer miles on eligible routes!

    JAL Website Only April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020
    Upgrade Discount Promotion

  • Book award tickets with fewer miles.

    Discount Mileage


Awards that can be used for payment when purchasing air tickets or tours

e JAL Points can be used to purchase airline tickets or package tours on the JAL website. (available in Japanese only)
Miles can be redeemed from 5,000 miles = 5,000 e JAL Points (¥5,000 equivalent).

Upgrade awards

Fly in a higher class of service on JAL international flights.

Redeem your miles for other awards


JAL Coupons can be used for full or partial payment of JAL Group tickets, package tours, hotel stays, and more.
Miles can be redeemed from 10,000 miles for JAL Coupons equivalent to ´Żą12,000.

SHIMATOBI Coupon Awards that are issued in exchange for JAL miles can be used to pay for Oriental Air Bridge (ORC) flight tickets.
Miles can be redeemed from 10,000 miles for SHIMATOBI Coupon Awards equivalent to ¥15,000.

Partner point programs and selected products

Your miles can be redeemed for a wide variety of fine products, including quality foods and limited-time-only choices.
(Available in Japanese only)

Redeem your miles for coupons that are valid for use at JMB partners. Mini Mile Awards are available from 2,000 miles.
(Available in Japanese only)

WAON electronic money can be used as payment at Family Mart, McDonald's, Aeon, and other WAON member stores across Japan.

Miles can be exchanged for Suica, BIC Camera points, and other partner point programs.

Donate your miles to charity

The JAL Group is proud to continue the Charity Mile Project as part of our CSR activities.

Your miles will be matched by JAL and will be used to help support the next generation of athletes.

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