Reminders when Redeeming Mileage

Who is Eligible for Awards

Awards can be used by the JMB member, the JMB member's spouse(including domestic partner), the JMB member's relatives within the second degree of kinship, and the spouses of the JMB member's brothers/sisters-in-law.

  • A relative whose last name is different from that of the JMB member may be required to show proof of relationship to the JMB member.

Reminders When Exchanging Mileage for Awards

When redeeming for awards, JMB miles cannot be combined with miles earned by family members or miles accrued through other companies' mileage programs.

JMB members may not combine their miles with their family's or friend's miles in order to request awards.
Additionally, JMB mileage may not be combined with miles earned through other airlines' mileage programs (including mileage programs of JMB partner airlines) when redeeming for awards.
However, JALCARD Family Program members and JAL Family Club members can combine their miles with their family's miles to request awards.
Please refer to the JALCARD Family Program and JAL Family Club for more details.

Children and adults require the same number of miles.

Awards issued for children and infants require the same number of miles as those issued for adults.
However, awards for infants sharing a seat with an adult will be issued at 10% of the applicable adult mileage level. This infant mileage level will apply only when the accompanying adult travels on the same award type.
Please refer to the JMB Rules and Conditions for more details about award use by infants.

For JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets, terms and conditions may differ depending on the partner airlines. Please check the details with the relevant airline.

Taxes and charges are the responsibility of the JMB member or the user of the award.

Taxes, charges and various handling fees including airport departure and arrival taxes, airport usage fees, fuel surcharges and insurance surcharges incurred for international award tickets or upgrade awards will be collected from the JMB member or the user of the award.

  • Fuel surcharges and insurance surcharges for flying on partner airline flights may differ from those collected for flying on JAL flights.

How to Request and Receive Awards

Depending on the award, the method for requesting and receiving the award and the related deadlines may differ.
Please refer to the specific award for more details.

  • Mileage may not be redeemed for JMB awards for a maximum of 60 days following enrollment in JMB.
  • All award requests must be made by the JMB member.

Regardless of who uses the award, the JMB member must make the request for the award. Requests from persons other than the JMB member will not be accepted.

  • When a JMB member is unable to request an award, the JMB member can nominate another person beforehand to act as a proxy.
    Once registered, the proxy will be able to request award tickets, review and change JMB registered information, and otherwise act on behalf of the JMB member. Please refer to the link for more details.
  • Please try to plan ahead when requesting awards.

All earned miles must be redeemed before they expire. When using miles that will soon expire, award requests will be accepted up through the final business day of the month in which the miles will expire. Requests made after the date of expiration will not be accepted.
Please try to make your request as soon as your travel plans are final.

  • Japan time will be used to determine the mileage expiration time.

Other Important Information

All terms and conditions for award use are subject to change without notice.
Additionally, Conditions of Domestic Carriage or Conditions of International Carriage will apply respectively when flying on JAL Group domestic flights or JAL international flights.