JAL International Upgrade Awards

Travel in a higher class of service on JAL international flights

Important notice

The following booking class will not be eligible for JAL International Upgrade Awards.

Booking class X: Not eligible on flights leaving on or after November 5, 2021.

Important information


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Required Mileage

Please refer the JAL International Upgrade Award Chart.

  • Awards issued for children and infants require the same mileage as those issued for adults.
  • The required mileage will be deducted once your flight has been confirmed.

Separate rules and conditions may apply to promotions that offer upgrade awards for fewer miles.


Upgrade awards are valid only for the flight and date originally reserved. Failure to travel on the reserved flight and date will result in forfeiture of the award. In this case, mileage will not be refunded and the award cannot be changed to a different award.

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