Important information for your travel day (international flight)

To the airport

Traveling during long holiday season

If you are traveling during the long holiday season, we recommend the use of public transport to avoid the possible delay by the traffic congestion or shortage of parking lots.

At the airport

Arrival time at boarding gate

Traveling during long holiday season

Please complete your check-in by 60 minutes and arrive at the boarding gate around 30 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time.


Complete check-in by 60 minutes before departure time


Boarding gate: 30 minutes* before departure time

Departure time is the time when the aircraft begins to move.

  • You will not be able to board your flight if you arrive at the boarding gate less than 10 minutes before departure. Your coorperation is highly appreciated.

Tips for seamless boarding

Please use Online Check-in for smooth boarding.
You do not need to go to the check-in counter if you do not have any checked baggage.

For more details about check-in, please check the boarding procedures page. For check-in counter information, please check the airport guide page.

Checking in baggage

You are recommended to check in your baggage.

Due to limited space in the cabin, please check in your baggage if possible.

About baggage and carry-on items

Security check

Security check is strictly performed to ensure flight safety.
If you plan to travel with such items as golf clubs or any types of blades, you are required to put them in your checked baggage. Should any of the prohibited carry-on articles be found at a security checkpoint, you would have to return to the check-in counter for checking them in, or alternatively to relinquish them at the security checkpoint. Please also note that some designated items are prohibited by the law as neither carry-on nor checked baggage.

Tips for security checkpoint clearance

  • Pay attention to the size of your carry-on baggage as they will be screened by the inspection machine with a gauge installed at the security checkpoint. If the size of your items does not fit in for screening, you are required to return to the check-in counter for checking them in.
  • Take out the metal items (mobile phone, keys, coins, etc.), lap top PC and bottled liquids in advance as they need to be placed in the tray provided for security check.

Passport check at boarding gate

To follow the instruction by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we will check passengers' passports and boarding passes at the boarding gate. Please arrive at the boarding gate earlier and prepare your passport and boarding pass in advance. Your coorperation is highly appreciated.

Inflight safety advice

You are requested to follow the safety instructions below.

  • After boarding, please store your carry-on baggages and take your seat as quickly as you can and fasten your seat belt.
  • If you need to go to the restroom, please do so before boarding. After the aircraft start moving, please refrain from using the restroom until the seat belt sign goes off.
  • Switch off the electronic devices when it is required by the flight attendants. *1
  • Watch the Safety Video and read the Safety Instructions prior to take-off.
  • Return your seat reclining and table to the original position during take-off or landing.
  • Passengers seated in the emergency exit row are requested to assist in an emergency evacuation.
  • To avoid obstacle in the event of an emergency evacuation, carry-on baggage cannot be placed in front of the emergency exit, at your feet or on your lap during take-off and landing.
  • Always keep your seat belt fastened even the seat belt sign is turned off.
  • Smoking in the lavatory is strictly prohibited. *2
  • Remain seated until the seat belt sign is turned off after landing.
  • Please refrain from filming and recording other passengers and cabin attendants without their consent, as it may impede safety and cabin attendants’ duties.
  1. Kids Phone by NTT Docomo, Junior Phone by au and Mimamori Series by Softbank must be turned off completely in advance.
  2. Electronic cigarettes cannot be used on board.

Useful services

We offer special meals for children and those with health or religious dietary requirements.