Information for passengers requesting emergency exit row seats.

In accordance with a directive issued by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, starting April 1, 2009, emergency exit row seats will be limited to passengers that satisfy all of the conditions below. (Directive released on July 3, 2008. Effective on/after April 1, 2009)
Your generous understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

Items to Confirm

  1. Above the age of 15 (passengers under 15 years old are not permitted to select emergency exit row seats)
  2. Does not require the assistance of an escort or staff
  3. Is capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation, such as opening or closing an aircraft door
  4. Can understand evacuation procedures and crew instructions, and verbally convey such information to other passengers
  5. Does not have to assist an accompanying passenger in an emergency evacuation*
  6. Consents to providing assistance in an emergency evacuation

Passengers who do not satisfy conditions 1 through 6 above will be asked to change to another seat.
To ensure quick evacuation of the aircraft, passengers seated in emergency exit rows will be asked to assist during an emergency evacuation by following the instructions of the cabin crew. Carry-on baggage must not be placed at your feet or on your lap during takeoff or landing. We appreciate your cooperation.

  • Small children (domestic flights: under eight years old; international flights: under 12 years old) and their companions are not eligible to use emergency exit row seats.