Flights operated by JAL depart from and arrive at International Terminal.

Updated: 2024/03/13


Arrival flow




Baggage Claim




Flights operated by JAL will arrive at International Terminal.

International Terminal

Arrival regulations


There is no quarantine check when entering the United States.


Documents required for entry
Required documents Description

Japan is an eligible country under the United States Visa Waiver Program (VWP).
Japanese passport holders are permitted to enter the country without a visa provided that the duration of stay is up to 90 days, and the purpose of travel is tourism or business. (However, an ESTA application must be made beforehand.)

opens in new windowESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization)

Depending on the purpose of visit (study, work, etc.), a visa or additional documentation may be required. Please contact the US Embassy for further information.
(Example: A visa and supplementary documentation (I-20) are required if the purpose of the visit is study.)
US permanent residents and conditional permanent residents must show their permanent resident or conditional permanent resident cards (Green Card/I-551).

  • *Please note: If you are traveling after April 1, 2016 with ESTA on the Visa Waiver Program, it is essential that you are in possession of an IC passport. If you do not have an IC passport, you will need to apply for a visa.

A machine-readable passport (MRP) or an IC passport (IC chipped) valid until the date of return to your home country.

Immigration card
no visa
Not required
with visa
Not required. From May 2013, all I-94 records for Immigration are created electronically, and it is no longer necessary to submit an I-94 on paper.
Customs declaration form

Not required

A return airline ticket or e-ticket Please bring it.


Please show your passport and customs declaration form. (Your customs declaration form will be collected here.) If you have any items to declare, please declare them to an official.


Prior reservation is necessary if you wish to bring your pet, as the transportation environment within the aircraft needs to be prepared.

opens in new windowJAL International Reservations - Inquiries

Please also be sure to check with the embassy or quarantine station at your destination for animal quarantine information such as import restrictions and required documentation.


Departure flow




Security check


Flights operated by JAL will depart from International Terminal.

International Terminal.

Departure regulations


Check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure.
Please go to the International Terminal, level 3, aisle 8 for check-in.

Security check

Your carry-on baggage will be examined, and there will be a check for liquids in your possession.

opens in new windowRestrictions on liquids, gels and aerosols as carry-on baggage


You do not have to go through Immigration when departing the United States.
Please hand in the immigration card* you completed upon arrival to airline staff.
If you do not hand in the card, you may face delays in the future when trying to enter the United States.

  • *If you have ESTA and you entered the US on the Visa Waiver Program, you do not need to submit an immigration card.
  • *The issue of this card has been discontinued as of May 2013, but if you entered the country prior to this date and have one attached to your passport, please hand it in.


There is no customs inspection when departing from the United States.


Due to the closure of Sakura Lounge, please use BA Lounge.

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