Notice for Passengers Traveling to and from the United States: Immigration Procedures and Prohibited Carry-on Articles

UPDATE: June 25. 2018

●Screening of powder-like substances when departing Japan to the United States

In compliance with TSA regulations, JAL will conduct screening for powder-like substances (greater than 12oz./350ml) in carry -on baggage.
Please ensure all powder-like foodstuffs are placed in your check-in baggage.

●The enhancement of security inspection of electronic devices

For flights to the US, security inspection of electronic devices is enhanced.
According to instructions from TSA(Transport Security Administration of the US), We may conduct security inspection at the boarding gate.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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●Requirements for Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)

Effective April 1, 2016, all travelers under the US VWP(Visa Waiver Program) must have e-passport (passport with an embedded electronic chip), and must obtain an approved ESTA, 72hours prior to the flight departure.
Please refer here for more details.

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●Prohibited Articles in Carry-on Baggage

According to US law, if a departing passenger is discovered to be carrying restricted items in carry-on baggage at an airport security checkpoint, the passenger may be subject to a fine. Be sure to put such items into check-in luggage.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan - Examples of Dangerous Goods are not permitted in either check-in or carry-on luggage. If such articles are discovered by a security inspection, the passenger may be subject to a fine under US law.

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●Check-in Luggage

As of December 31, 2002, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has strengthened inspections for explosives in the check-in luggage of passengers departing from or changing planes at US airports.
Since the TSA opens check-in luggage for inspection whether it is unlocked or not, avoid packing cash, precious metals, electronic devices or other valuables in your check-in luggage.
The high-performance scanning equipment used by the TSA for luggage inspection may damage camera film and videotape. Therefore, these items, like valuables, should not be placed in check-in luggage.
Due to the additional time required for security checkpoint inspections, be sure to arrive early at the airport.

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●Lighters on Flights to and from the US

As of August 4, 2007, the TSA’s ban on taking lighters through security checkpoints at US airports and onto flights to and from the US, which went into effect on April 14, 2005, has been lifted. Therefore, each passenger may bring one lighter aboard flights to and from the US, just like on other routes. However, since lighters contain flammable liquid classified as a hazardous material, they are still prohibited in check-in luggage.

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●Digital Fingerprinting and Photographing of Visitors to the US

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●Visa Acquisition for Passengers without Machine-readable Passports

As of June 26, 2005, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires that visitors from Visa Waiver Program countries have machine-readable passports. If you do not have a machine-readable passport, you must obtain a visa to visit the US.

  • * Under the Guam Visa Waiver Program (GVWP), applicable visitors to Guam without a machine-readable passport do not need to obtain a visa. However, you must show I-736 form (GVWP document) upon entry. These forms are available onboard your flight.

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●Place of Stay in the US (Please provide the address where you will stay in the US)

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been requiring airlines to report passenger passport information before their arrival in the US (including Guam). Starting October 4, 2005, however, the following additional information also needs to be provided.

1.Place of stay in the US Zip code, state, city, street address and hotel name
2.Country of residence

Please provide this information prior to your departure date, through the JAL Web site, your nearest JAL office, or the JAL reservation center.

  • * This does not apply to US citizens, permanent US residents, or passengers that will fly on to a third country within 8 hours of arrival in the US.
  • * Passengers traveling with a package or group tour should submit this information to the applicable travel agent. Contact your travel agent for more details.

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