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Fare Products


The sales of the following fares have ended on January 31, 2019.

Multicontinent fares

  • Circle Atlantic
  • Circle Trip Explorer
  • Circle Asia & South West Pacific

Single-continent fares

  • VIsit Africa
  • Visit Asia
  • Visit Australia & New Zealand
  • Visit Malaysia
  • Visit South America
  • Visit Europe
  • Visit North America
  • Visit Middle East
  • Visit South Asian Sub Continent

Round-the-world fares

Exploring the world has never been easier
With access to over 900 destinations in 170 countries and territories across the oneworld alliance network, our round-the-world fares enable you to travel the world with ease.
Simply choose between a straightforward continent-based fare (oneworld Explorer) or a more versatile distance-based fare (Global Explorer) to enjoy the ultimate round-the-world journey.
oneworld Explorer

Representing outstanding choice, convenience and value, your oneworld Explorer fare is based on the number of oneworld continents you choose to visit or pass through.

Global Explorer

Delivering even greater flexibility, with more airlines to choose from, your Global Explorer fare is based on the total distance traveled throughout your journey.

Learn more about oneworld Explorer or plan and book your oneworld Explorer round-the-world trip online.

Multicontinent fares

Create your perfect inter-continental journey
oneworld Circle Fares are ideal for those travelers who wish to visit multiple continents without actually flying all the way around the world.
Whether you are visiting the continents that surround Pacific, oneworld Circle Fares offer you superb flexibility, convenience and value for money.
Circle Pacific

Explore continents that border the Pacific Ocean, including Asia, North America, South America and Australia/New Zealand with oneworld Circle Pacific.

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