JAL domestic flights FREE WiFi Connected at all times, connected for free.

  • JAL domestic flights FREE WiFi Connected at all times,  connected for free. JAL domestic flights FREE WiFi Connected at all times,  connected for free.

Before you fly

Turn on the Airplane Mode before take-off.

On the plane

Equipped with personal screen Connect to "Japan Airlines" Wi-Fi network.

Without Personal Screen Connect "JAL-WiFi" Wi-Fi network.

Open your browser and enter jal-wifi.com for URL

Please enter your email address on portal site and select "CONNECT".

  • Design is different on some aircrafts.


Inflight internet access

Enjoy Web browsing or check e-mail during your flight.



Free video program streaming is available.


Flight map

Check the real-time status of your flight.

For more details about internet access on domestic flights, please refer to the User Guide.

  • Services may not be fully available on some aircrafts.
  • As inflight Wi-Fi relies on the use of communications satellites, access to the Internet may be lost or unstable in certain flight status and weather conditions.
  • Displaying webpages and downloading or uploading data may take more time than you are accustomed to.
    It may also be difficult to establish a connection at times of heavy network access by other users.

Japan Airline Receives Award for Best Wi-Fi in Eastern Asia

JAL has won the "Best Wi-Fi in Eastern Asia 2024" award at the FTE APEX Asia Expo 2023 held in Singapore in November 2023. Passengers from more than one million flights on nearly 600 airlines around the world were given the opportunity to provide anonymous ratings. JAL has become the most awarded airline for Best Wi-Fi after winning this award six times since the category was created in 2017. JAL will continue to provide all passengers with high-quality products and services to ensure a comfortable journey.

  • APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) is one of the world's largest airline industry association. The non-profit organization involves airlines, airports and airline-related suppliers around the world.

Search price and book now

If you wish to apply the discounts for JAL CARD, Shareholder, etc., please select the discount from "Discounts for limited passenger" and search.

Service advisory regarding changes in domestic fare scheme

For inquiry

For questions regarding this service, including technical problem in connectivity, charge, or request for invoice, please contact the number below.

Equipped with personal screen

Panasonic Avionics Customer Support

Contact by e-mail


Toll-free in Japan (Japanese / English)
  • IP phone is not supported.
For international call (Japanese / English)
  • Phone charges (if any) will be appled to the caller.
Business Hours

Japanese: 9:00-17:30 JST (except Sat., Sun., public holidays, Year End and new Year Holidays)

English: 24hours

Without Personal Screen

Gogo Customer Support

Contact by e-mail

Japanese: support@gogoair.co.jp

English: customercare@gogoair.com