Information Notification Services on your Reservations

JAL provides customers with information timely such as your reservation details, boarding information, flight status, etc., through your registered contact information, JAL APP.

Please download JALAPP, register your mobile number and e-mail address in advance to receive notification services.


From reservation to day of departure

Items e-mail SMS LINE JAL APP
Schedule change
Seat number change    
When a seat is available from a waitlist      
Ticket purchase deadline      
Flight information  
Notification on day of departure*1  
(Domestic flights) Notification on ticket numbers*2    
  1. Deadline of check-in, change of boarding gate, etc.
  2. Departing on/after April 12,2023.

7 days before flight departure

Items e-mail SMS LINE JAL APP

Inflight Meal Reservation Service

(International Business Class)


The same content notifications may be sent in multiple ways such as email and SMS.

Some contents will be in English and Japanese only.


  • JAL Group Airlines provides the services described on this page according to JAL Privacy Policy.
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances, message for the same flight may be delivered multiple times, or may not be delivered due to delays or circumstances.
  • Notification may be delivered early in the morning and late at night.