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  • Timetables for flights from July 1 to August 31, 2024 will be available in late May.

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  • As flight schedules on this timetable are subject to change, please search flight availability for up-to-the-minute schedules.
  • The departure times, flight numbers, and aircraft noted here are subject to change without notice. Unavoidable circumstances may also sometimes require the cancellation of a flight.
  • Timetables are valid for a limited period of time, after which fares and flights are subject to change. Please keep this in mind when viewing JAL domestic route timetables you have downloaded.
  • All flights operated by JAL,J-AIR,HAC or JAC are designated as JAL flights. Domestic flight service and responsibility of compensation are jointly provided and assumed by JAL,J-AIR,HAC and JAC.
  • You can get the latest flight status for a flight by specifying a route or flight number by searching the departure and arrival information.
  • Check the latest flight news for the flight status on the day of and day after departure.

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