Waitlist reservation service

Is your preferred flight full? With the Waitlist Reservation Service on JAL's website, Mileage Bank members* can receive an e-mail notification when a seat becomes available.

  • Japan region members only

Making a waitlist request

Waitlist requests are accepted up until 24 hours prior to the flight's departure.


Search for available seats

When searching for seats, select "One way", choose the route and date, and click "Search".


Select your flight

On the seat search screen, click a flight and fare for which "Waitlist" is displayed.


Enter passenger information

Enter an e-mail address where JAL can contact you.
Waitlist requests can be made for up to 6 adults (including the member) and 2 accompanied children.

  • If a request includes more than one traveler, seats will only be assigned if enough seats become available for every traveler.


Waitlist request received

Waitlist request received.

When a seat becomes available

We will send an e-mail notifying you that a seat is available

Responses to waitlist requests will be sent to the designated notification address.
Notifications will also be sent to other JMB members accompanying you (if notifications are turned on).

(E-mails are not sent during late night and early morning hours. Please note, however, that information on upcoming flights may be sent during late night/early morning hours as the travel date approaches.)


Waitlist seats must be confirmed by the specified deadline. Seats that are not confirmed by the deadline will be canceled.


Seats must be confirmed within 6 days of the seats becoming available or by the date of travel, whichever is earlier.

Procedure when a seat becomes available


Booking overview

Log in to your JMB account and go to Booking Overview. Click the "Confirm" button next to the flight you wish to confirm.



On the Waitlist screen, click the "Confirm Booking" button to confirm your seat.


Seat confirmed (Booking Details screen)

Review your booking number and purchase deadline and complete your ticket purchase by the deadline.
If you already have a ticket for an alternate flight, contact the JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information) to make the change. Please be sure to notify JAL of your ticket number by the booking confirmation or ticket purchase deadline.

  • Please complete your purchase/registration within 3 days of confirming your seat.
    The payment deadline may vary depending on the type of fare selected.
  • When purchasing a multi-trip fare such as the Round-Trip Fare or Business KIPPU, contact the JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information) to combine your bookings into one before purchasing. (Discounts will not apply if tickets are purchased separately for each one-way segment.)