Waitlist reservation service

If your preferred flight is full, you can still join the waitlist. We will contact you by email if seats become available.

Making a waitlist request

Waitlist requests are accepted up until 24 hours prior to the flight's departure.


Search for available seats

When searching for seats, select "One way", choose the route and date, and click "Search".


Select your flight

On the seat search screen, click a flight and fare for which "Waitlist" is displayed.


Enter passenger information

Enter an e-mail address where JAL can contact you.

Up to 9 adults and/or children (including the requestor) and up to 2 accompanying infants may join the waitlist at a time.

  • If a request includes more than one traveler, seats will only be assigned if enough seats become available for every traveler.


Waitlist request received

Waitlist request received.

When a seat becomes available

We will send an e-mail notifying you that a seat is available

Responses to waitlist requests will be sent to the designated notification address.

JAL Mileage Bank members and their companions will also receive notification emails at the address(es) they registered for Flight Information Services.

(E-mails are not sent during late night and early morning hours.)


Waitlist seats must be confirmed by the specified deadline. Seats that are not confirmed by the deadline will be canceled.


Seats must be confirmed within 6 days of the seats becoming available or by the date of travel, whichever is earlier.

Procedure when a seat becomes available


Confirmation of Reservation

Search for the waitlist on the JAL website.



On the waitlist confirmation page, click “Confirm booking” or “Confirm booking and purchase”.


Seat Confirmed

If “Confirm booking” is selected

Please complete the purchase by the purchase deadline. The purchase deadline varies depending on the fare type, the date and time the booking is confirmed, and the booked flight’s departure time.

  • The purchase deadline can be viewed on the confirmation page. Please be sure to check it.

If“Confirm booking and purchase” is selected

Please follow the onscreen instructions to complete the purchase.