Purchase ticket for someone even you are not traveling


Order numbers will be discontinued beginning with flights departing April 12, 2023.Beginning with flights departing April 12, ticket numbers will be provided as authentication codes, so please be sure to pass this number on to the passenger.

What you need to provide to the passenger
Ending with flights departing April 11, 2023 and earlier: Order number (8 characters (A-Z, 0-9) or 12 digits (0-9))
*Ticket numbers cannot be used for boarding.
Beginning with flights departing April 12: Ticket number (13 digits (0-9))

Flight tickets can be booked and purchased by even those who will not be taking the flight.
This lets you give flight tickets as gifts to family members and friends living far away.

How to use


Book tickets in the passengers' names, then complete the purchase process

Please make a reservation in the passenger's name and complete the purchase procedure as is.

Please be sure to make a note of the Order Number(for flights departing on/before April 11, 2023), Ticket Number (for flights departing on/after April 12, 2023) provided upon payment completion online.

  • When making payment by credit card online, the Order Number will be shown only once, after the payment is processed. Please make a note of the number.


Inform passengers the Reservation Number and Order Number or Ticket Number

Along with all other flight booking information, such as flight numbers, dates, Reservation Number, be sure to give passengers Order Number or Ticket Number.

  • Although flight booking information will be sent by e-mail once the booking is completed, the e-mail does not contain the Order Number.
    Please inform the Order Number to the passenger separately.


Prepare things needed for the flight

Passengers will need to have their 2D barcodes (e-ticket itinerary/receipt) or JMB/JALCARD ready for boarding.


Board the flight at the airport

To board the flight, passengers may either use JAL Touch & Go boarding or check in at a Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk.

  • If passengers do not have 2D barcodes (e-ticket itinerary/receipt) or JMB/JALCARD, they need to acquire the boarding passes by entering the Order Number or Ticket Number at a Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk in the airport.

Additional information

  • Keep the Order Number or Ticket Number in a safe place. They will be used as an authorization code when making changes to a booking, picking up boarding passes, and requesting refunds.
  • Please note that the Order Number cannot be retrieved once lost.
  • Passengers without the Order Number or other authorization codes on the day of departure will not be able to board their flights. New tickets will need to be purchased in such cases.