ATM payments

You can use Pay-easy compatible ATMs to pay for tickets booked via the JAL website or the JAL Contact Center with cash or a cash card.

Pay-easy compatible ATMs

Pay-easy is a service that allows you to pay for utilities and other bills via ATM or the Internet.

  • Cash payments are limited to a maximum of JPY 100,000.
  • ATMs located in convenience stores may not be used.
  • Before using Pay-easy, please check with your financial institution for locations of compatible ATMs, hours of operation, and after-hours fees.

Payment deadline

20 minutes prior to the booked flight’s departure

  • If the ticket has a purchase deadline, that deadline applies

How to use


Book your ticket

Tickets can be booked via the JAL website or the JAL Contact Center.

If you are a JMB member, please register your JAL Mileage Bank membership number when you book your ticket.

  • If you have just enrolled in JMB online, please wait until your JMB Card is delivered.

(Until your card arrives, you cannot register your membership number when booking tickets.)


Get the number you’ll use to pay

Review your booking on the JAL website and go to purchase. On the purchase page, go to “Bank/post office ATM payment method information” and choose “ATM”.

Print or take a screenshot of the page with the 11 digit customer number and finish.


Pay at an ATM

Use a participating financial institution’s ATM to purchase your ticket.

Please be sure to keep the payment slip issued after payment until you board your flight.


Bring the required boarding document(s)

Please bring one of the following for each passenger.


Board the flight at the airport

Notes on making payments by ATM


The ‘receipt’ or ‘statement of charges’ delivered at the convenience store or ATM when you complete your purchase can be used as a receipt, however, it is not a receipt that complies compliant with the method to be retained for qualified invoice, etc. which is stipulated by the Consumption Tax Law of Japan. If necessary, please use the electronic receipt on the JAL Web site.

Booking changes and cancellations

Tickets can be booked via the JAL website or the JAL Contact Center.

  • If your sector includes one or more already traveled segments and you make changes to the sector that result in an additional fare amount, you cannot pay the additional amount by ATM. Please contact the JAL Contact Center.


Payment will be refunded to the specified bank account.
You must enter a payment number when requesting a refund.

  • For refunds to a Japan Post Bank account, you must provide the branch name, account type, account number, and account holder’s name as required for Japanese Bankers Association transfers. Your current Japan Post Bank account number (code/number) cannot be used for transfers. Please visit the Japan Post Bank website to obtain a number for use in money transfers.
  • You must request a refund before the refund expiration date.
  • Once the request is processed, the funds will be transferred to the specified account within 5 business days. (*1)
  1. This is the standard processing time for transfers. It may be longer under certain circumstances, such as bank or other system failures or large-scale flight disruptions due to inclement weather or other causes.


  • Payment services are only available for bookings of up to 6 people and up to 4 segments.
  • Payment services may not be available for certain bookings (depending on number of passengers, sector, fare type, length of passenger names, etc.) or at certain times of day.
  • If an ATM payment transaction is interrupted, the booking will be locked for 10 minutes.
  • If you forget to bring the required boarding documents (e.g. JMB Card/JALCARD, Ticket number), you will not be able to obtain a ticket or boarding pass. You will need to purchase a new ticket at the airport. Please see about flight tickets for details.