How to change your booking when flight disruption is expected due to bad weather or disaster

Change to other JAL Group flight

Change is permitted ONCE only for fares that do not permit reservation change. (e.g. SAKITOKU, TOKUBIN, etc.)

Making Changes via the JAL Website

You can make changes on the JAL website if you used one of the following fares and payment methods.

  • If you purchased the ticket through a travel agent, please contact them directly.
Applicable fares Ultra SAKITOKU, Super SAKITOKU, SAKITOKU Type B, SAKITOKU Type A, TOKUBIN 21, TOKUBIN 7, TOKUBIN 3, TOKUBIN 1, One-Way Fare, Child Fare, Round-Trip Fare, Discount for the Disabled, JAL Business KIPPU, Shareholder's Saver Fare, Care Giver's Saver Fare, Special Transit Fare
Forms of payment

Credit card

Cash*1 (Convenience store in Japan, Online transfer, ATM transfer)

e JAL Point, JAL coupon*2

Deadline for making changes

Delay: 20 minutes before booked flight's departure time

Cancellation: End of booked flight's departure date

  1. Except at JAL Group Domestic Ticketing Counters (City/Airport)
  2. Except when change includes JAL Coupon refund

Making Changes by Phone or at the Counter

If you are using a fare that does not allow changes via the JAL website or the deadline for changes via the JAL website has passed, please use one of the following methods to make changes before the expiration date.