Reservation change and refund due to flight disruption

You will find on this page how your reservation and ticket will be handled when your flight is expected or has been confirmed a delay or cancellation affected by severe weather conditions or aircraft maintenance reasons.

Basic flow


Check the operation status of your flight

Please search the operation status of your flight. If it corresponds to any of the following, you can request to change your flight or refund your ticket.

  • Your departure or arrival airport is shown in Airports with Special Ticket Handling.
  • An asterisk (*) or attention (!) mark is shown for your flight in Arrivals & Departures or Flight Delay/Cancellation Information.

We will not charge any handling fees for the change or refund.

You are required to complete the change or refund by the time provided below, and provide your authentication code (such as JMB membership number, Reservation Number), or e-ticket itinerary/receipt for the change or refund.

Check the type of your ticket

Handlings vary depending on the ticket type. Please select the type of your ticket and see the details.

Ticket handling

Ticket validity

Change to alternative flight or refund must be completed within the time limits below.

Fare rules Change must be made by* Refund must be made by
Reservation change is permitted

・Ticket validity

・Original departure date + 30 days

whichever comes later

・Ticket validity + 10 days

・Original departure date + 40 days

whichever comes later

Reservation change is NOT permitted original departure date + 30 days original departure date + 40 days
  • Please board your flight within the same period.


Reservation change and refund

You may select your preferred option according to the status of your flight. Handlings differ depending on the reason for the flight disruption.

  • Change is permitted ONCE only for fares that do not permit reservation change. (e.g. SAKITOKU, TOKUBIN, etc.)