Self Service Check-in Kiosk

The self-service check-in kiosk let you check in for flights, change seats, and register miles.

  • Self Service Check-in Kiosks are not available in Amakusa, Goto Fukue, Iki, Kikai, Kitadaito, Kobe, Komaki, Matsumoto, Minamidaito, Nemuro-Nakashibetsu, Oki, Okushiri, Rishiri, Shizuoka, Tajima, Tanegashima, Tarama, Tsushima, Yonaguni, or Yoron Airports.


・The self-service check-in kiosk will be renewed sequentially from October 17, 2023.

・Beginning April 12, 2023, the following transactions will no longer be available at Self Service Check-in Kiosks.

 ・Ticket Purchase
 ・Reservation Change
 ・Seat change after check-in

 Transactions using non-IC enabled JMB Cards (magnetic cards) will be phased out after August 2023



What you'll need

One of the following items:

  • JMB card or JALCARD with JALIC function
  • The printout of 2D barcode (e-ticket itinerary/receipt)
  • Ticket number
  • Mobile with JAL IC (NFC) function (Available on Japanese website only) *
  • If JMB membership number has been registered to booking in advance

1. IC

  • JMB IC card
  • Mobile with JAL IC (NFC) function (Available on Japanese website only)

2. JMB card (without IC) *To be phased out from August onward.

  • JMB card (without IC function)

3. 2D barcode

4. Ticket number

Boarding passes for all passengers will be issued. Please check the numbers and collect.

  • If all passengers "tap" the IC card (JMB card/JALCARD) or 2D barcode for check-in, boarding pass will not be issued. Please use the same IC card or 2D barcode to access the security checkpoint and boarding gate.


  • Check-in is not available for airports that have different passenger facility charges.
  • Fare difference will not adjusted.
  • If you have a domestic-domestic transfer operated by the JAL group on the same day, you are able to check-in your connecting flights up to 3 flights at your departing airport.