Self Service Check-in Kiosk

The self-service check-in kiosk let you check in for flights, change seats, and register miles.

  • Self Service Check-in Kiosks are not available in Amakusa, Goto Fukue, Iki, Kikai, Kitadaito, Kobe, Komaki, Matsumoto, Minamidaito, Nemuro-Nakashibetsu, Oki, Okushiri, Rishiri, Shizuoka, Tajima, Tanegashima, Tarama, Tsushima, Yonaguni, or Yoron Airports.


・The self-service check-in kiosk will be renewed sequentially from October 17, 2023.

・Beginning April 12, 2023, the following transactions will no longer be available at Self Service Check-in Kiosks.

 ・Ticket Purchase
 ・Reservation Change
 ・Seat change after check-in

 Transactions using non-IC enabled JMB Cards (magnetic cards) will be phased out after August 2023



Please have one of the following items:

  • JMB card or JALCARD with JALIC function / Mobile with JAL IC (NFC) function (Available on Japanese website only) (If JMB membership number has been registered to booking in advance)
  • The printout of 2D barcode (e-ticket itinerary/receipt)
  • Ticket number


Dangerous goods screen

Touch "Continue" when confirm the various cautions related to hazardous materials and dangerous goods.


Select one of the items on hand

  • To authenticate by e-ticket number, please enter the "Carrier code" and "Flight number" on the next screen.


Touch "Continue" when flights available for check-in are displayed

  • To check in multiple people at once, touch the "Add passengers" button. (Up to 6 people can check in at the same time.)

    Follow the directions shown on the screen.


Check-in complete!

Once check-in is completed, the completion screen will be displayed. Touch the "Confirm" button to complete the procedure.

Each traveler has one of the items required for boarding and passes through security checkpoint at least 20 minutes prior to the flight departure time.

"Boarding pass" will be issued for each traveler. Please verify that you have received the correct number of boarding passes.

  • Travelers with bags to check should make sure they have the item they need for boarding and proceed to the baggage counter at least 30 minutes prior to departure.