Checked baggage

Learn about size and weight restrictions for baggage checked at airport counters, and applicable notes.

Free checked baggage allowance

Up to 20kg is free of charge for each passenger.

(Up to 45kg is free of charge for First Class passengers.)

  • No limit to the number of bags.

Total outside dimension (length + width + height):
within 50cm x 60cm x 120cm

If your baggage exceeds the free allowance, we will check your baggage with excess baggage charges.

Rules may differ for codeshare flights operated by other airlines. Please check with the airline that will be checking your baggage.

For trips with domestic connections to flights operated by non-JAL Group carriers - including Fuji Dream Airlines, Amakusa Airlines, ANA, Oriental Air Bridge, Solaseed Air, and SKYMARK - we will check your baggage to your final destination as long as certain conditions are met.

If your domestic flight is included in an international flight ticket, baggage rules of international routes apply.

Baby carriage and stroller

Baby stroller, baby carriages and child seat can be checked as baggage without charge.

  • Note that the above only applies for items used by the customer.

Sports equipment/music instruments

Sports equipment that exceeds the size limit may still be accepted for loading if the cargo space of the aircraft is available.

  • In certain cases arising from space limitations or weather, passengers may be unable to check in their baggage, even if baggage requirements are met.
  • Bring sports equipment such as fishing rods, golf clubs and bicycles in your own case or fully packed.
  • In such cases, passengers will be required to arrange the baggage delivery service on their own.

Checked baggage rules

Aircraft types Maximum length of baggage
359 (AIRBUS A350-900) 200cm
787 (Boeing 787-8) 300cm
789 (Boeing787-9)
767 (Boeing 767)
738 (Boeing 737-800) 320cm
E70 (EMBRAER 170)* 250cm
E90 (EMBRAER 190)*
DH4 (De Havilland DHC-8-400 Cargo Combi)* 220cm
AT4 (ATR42-600)* 210cm
AT7 (ATR72-600)*
  • Due to the small size of the aircraft, checked baggage privileges are not guaranteed, even if such baggage meets the requirements.
    It is recommended that another means of transport be used for baggage that cannot be accommodated by the aircraft.


We will take special care of your "family member" until pickup at the airport of arrival. (A separate Pet Charge applies.)

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