Baggage problem (damaged or lost baggage)

For codeshare flights operated by other airlines, please inquire with the operating airline.

Damaged baggage

In the event that baggage arrives damaged, please contact the airport of arrival.
If you find the damage after leaving the airport, please make sure to contact us within 7 days of baggage receipt.

  • We are unable to accept claims 8 or more days after receiving your baggage.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
We will take appropriate action in accordance with JAL's Domestic Conditions of Carriage.


Damage that is covered for compensation will as a general principle be handled on a repair basis. However, depending on the degree of damage and length of time involved, we reserve the right to implement remedies other than repair.

The maximum compensation for unvalued baggage and personal effects (the amount that can be paid when JAL is at fault for the damage) is ¥150,000 per customer. For baggage with actual value over ¥150,000, a value based compensation system applies if the passenger has participated in the baggage insurance scheme, with charge of ・10 per extra ¥10,000 value. However, the compensation will not exceed the actual value of the baggage and apply to damages caused by JAL only. Please note this difference with other insurance schemes.


JAL makes every effort to ensure the safe transport of our passengers' baggage. However, JAL accepts no liability for any damages to baggage in the following occassions.

  • Damage arising from natural defects or qualities inherent to the product in the case of fragile items such as musical instruments, sports gear (golf clubs, surfboards, windsurfing gear, diving gear, bicycles, etc.), pottery, glass products and alcohol.
  • Damage caused by the baggage being too heavy or too large, damage attributable to deterioration or other defects inherent to the baggage.
  • The loss of protruding accessories such as baggage cover, casters, straps, hooks, and nametags, and minor damage (scratches, cuts, dents and dirt).
  • Minor damage (scratches, cuts, dents and dirt) that cannot be avoided by normal handling during the air transportation process (including conveyor belt transportation, etc.).

Lost baggage

If you cannot find your baggage upon arrival at your destination, please contact our staff as soon as possible. We will help you to search the baggage and perform the necessary procedures.

If your baggage is found

We will inform you the necessary procedures regarding the return of your baggage and deliver to your address.

If your baggage goes missing

We will inform you the searching status and the necessary procedures.
You will be updated every day on the status of your missing baggage, starting the day after you submit a request. If your baggage is not found after about 10 days, we will assist you in claiming compensation.

Declaration of contents and compensation

Declaration of contents

In order to help us to reunite you with your baggage, please describe the contents in detail either verbally or in writing.
The information you provide will be important in the event of compensation.


If our baggage search does not find your missing baggage after 10 days, we will provide compensation in accordance with JAL's Domestic Conditions of Carriage. Our specialized support staff can provide more details about things such as compensation methods and amounts.

Baggage left behind or wrong baggage

Customers should personally retrieve checked baggage upon arrival after verifying the attached baggage number.
If you have forgotten to retrieve baggage, or have mistakenly taken the baggage of a third party, please return immediately to your airport of arrival and inform a staff member.

Return of baggage

  • We will deliver your baggage to the address specified by you.
  • In the case of mistakenly taken baggage, please contact your airport of arrival, and send the baggage to them.
  • Transport charges in this case will be at customer expense. Please ensure you take the correct baggage.

Lost property in aircraft or lounge

If you have left any property in the cabin or lounge, please contact JAL Domestic Reservation and Information.
If you have lost or dropped any property at the airport terminal building, please contact the Lost & Found office.