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Amenity items

Amenity items

Our amenity kits are collaboratively designed with ETRO, the Italian luxury brand.
The brand changes to Maison Kitsuné or ZERO HALLIBURTON depending on the stock availability.

  • *Design may change without notice.
  • *Image is a sample
  • *We also provide SHISEIDO personal care set. SHISEIDO clé de peau BEAUTÉ / SHISEIDO MEN

Relaxing wear

JAL provides relaxing outfits to wear while in flight.

To be eco-friendly and considerate to your health, and also for a pleasant and comfortable flight, JAL was particular about the hand of the 100% organic cotton fabric. The relaxing wear is the collaboration with "nendo" a Japan born brand. The red tag on the hem of the outer garment is the Tsurumaru JAL logo in a time-honored simple minimalist origami motif.

  • *The organic cotton is certified under Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

Other services

Newspaper and inflight magazine

A newspaper, magazine, inflight magazine, inflight shopping catalog, inflight entertainment guide, foreign-language newspaper, and foreign-language magazine are available.

Inflight shopping

SKYWARD (inflight magazine)

JAL original aroma

We provide pre-meal wet towels that carry an aroma unique to JAL.

  • *We currently offer individually wrapped paper towels.

Other inflight items


Analgesics, motion sickness medicine, rhinitis relief spray, abrasion healing spray, bandages, and thermometers are among the items we can provide.


Postcards and ballpens will be provided upon request.

Healthcare products

Feet feeling a little tired or swollen? You'll be amazed how quickly our Green bamboo massage stick will soothe the soles of your feet.

JAL original aroma

We provide pre-meal wet towels that carry an aroma unique to JAL.

Treatment to help passengers who experience thrombosis when flying

Want to sleep well during flight?

We are doing everything possible to ensure our cabin environments are more comfortable and relaxing when you want to eat less and sleep more during late night flights.

JAL Good Sleep Service

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