Amenity and others / JAL Economy Class We offer our valued Economy Class passengers a full range of inflight services to ensure you a comfortable flight with us.

Amenity items

Amenity items

earplugs, eye mask

  • *Limited stock only.
  • *Available on routes:Between Japan and Europe, America (except Guam), Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia(Except Manila)and Delhi

Other services


Skyward in-flight magazine(Information on countries and travel worldwide), JAL SHOP (Top quality brands from around the world and specially priced duty free items), JAL Mooove!(movies, music and games).

Inflight shopping

SKYWARD (inflight magazine)

JAL original aroma

We provide pre-meal wet towels that carry an aroma unique to JAL.

Other inflight items

Analgesics, motion sickness medicine, rhinitis relief spray, abrasion healing spray, bandages, and thermometers are among the items we can provide.
Healthcare products

Feet feeling a little tired or swollen? You'll be amazed how quickly our green bamboo massage stick will soothe the soles of your feet.

Treatment to help passengers who experience thrombosis when flying

Postcards and ballpens will be provided upon request.

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