JAL International Award Tickets

Journey to destinations around the world - starting at 7,500 miles for one-way travel and 15,000 miles for round-trip travel

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Who is Eligible for Awards

Awards can be used by the JMB member and eligible relatives. 

  • For members in the Japan region who have registered to the JALCARD Family Program, awards redeemed by pooling family mileage may be used by the primary member, the primary member's spouse, the primary member's relatives within the second degree of kinship, and the spouses of the primary member's brothers/sisters-in-law. For more details, please refer to the notes on redemption of awards using the JALCARD Family Program (Japanese only).
  • For members in regions other than Japan, please refer to the notes on award redemptions using the JAL Family Club mileage pool.

Number of Flight Sectors Permitted

For each award, a maximum of one international flight sector and one Japan domestic flight sector are permitted each way.


  • Award tickets are issued for one-way and round-trip travel. Itineraries must originate or terminate in Japan.
    Additionally, special JAL international tickets (JMB One-Way Fares) are available for purchase if used together with a JAL International Award Ticket for One-Way Travel.
  • The city of departure may be different from the city of final return. Similarly, the outbound arrival city may be different from the return departure city. However, some itineraries may not be permitted as one award ticket.
  • Haneda and Narita airports in Tokyo are considered to be the same city, as are Itami and Kansai airports in Osaka, Chubu and Komaki airports in Nagoya, Pudong and Hongqiao airports in Shanghai, and Songshan and Taoyuan airports in Taipei.
  • When using the JAL website, the system will automatically select and display direct flights and connecting flights between the specified cities of departure and arrival.
    Online reservations can be made only for the displayed flight options. If your desired flight is not displayed, please contact JMB International Award Reservations Desk/JMB Center.

Surface Sectors

  • Surface sectors in Japan are not permitted en route.
  • One surface sector is permitted for the entire itinerary when traveling round-trip. For itineraries that include a surface sector, the starting point and ending point of the surface sector will be considered to be the destination city regardless of the length of the stay.
  • Itineraries that contain certain surface sectors will not be permitted as one award ticket, depending on how the surface sector is arranged.
    Example: When the distance of a surface sector is greater than either: the distance from the first flight sector's city of departure to the surface sector's starting point or the distance from the surface sector's ending point to the city of final return.

Stopovers in Japan

Stopovers (stays of more than 24 hours) in Japan are not permitted. All connections en route in Japan must be made within 24 hours.


Back-tracking is not permitted except for journeys within Japan or journeys specified in the award. (Back-tracking means reversing your direction of travel to make connections to continue onwards toward your next destination.)

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