How to use the JAL website after receiving an e-mail notification regarding a flight schedule change or cancellation

Customers who have registered an e-mail address will receive e-mail notifications when any changes (ie. flight schedule changes and cancellation) occurs to their original flights.
If you receive a notification, please proceed to the Booking Details page on JAL website to confirm a suggested flight or cancel and refund. Instructions on how to use those features are shown below.


Booking details cannot be viewed if any of the following apply:

  • Reservation includes an upgrade
  • Connecting flight must be changed due to a schedule change
  • Flight route or cabin class has been changed

In addition to the above, booking details will not be displayed if schedule changes occur within 48 hours of departure.
Information on flights departing within 2 days can also be found under "Search departure and arrival information " on the "Flight Status" page.


JAL will contact if tickets must be reissued or if there are any important messages to inform.
However, JAL may provide this information at the airport if departure time is close.
If you receive a e-mail notification regarding a flight schedule change from JAL, the mail will include the latest schedule information regardless of the departure time.
When any of the above conditions apply, you will not be able to make changes or request refunds through the website, because the screen where you can "Accept" or "Decline" as mentioned in the e-mail, will not be displayed. For those of you who are viewing this page cannot proceed "accept" or "decline" transactions as the screen does not show those buttons.

If you receive a reservation change e-mail… (e.g. Notification of flight cancellation)

Operating procedure


Manage Bookings

Please click on "Manage Bookings" below.


Confirm of Changes in Reservation

The "Review Booking Changes" screen will appear. Review the changes and select either "Accept," "Reject (Cannot Accommodate Changes)," or "Cancel and Refund."

If you select "Accept"

If you have already purchased your ticket, please obtain a copy of the updated e-Ticket from the Reservation Details screen.

  • The ticket number may have changed depending on the new flight itinerary. Please note that it may take some time to process the change.
    If you have not yet purchased your ticket, please review the purchase deadline on the Reservation Details screen and proceed to purchase.

If you select "Decline (Cannot Accommodate Changes)"

JAL will contact you with alternate flight details; we appreciate your patience. Please note that reservation details will be temporarily unavailable until changes are complete.

If you select "Cancel and Refund"

You will be transferred to the Ticket Refund screen. Follow the instructions on the screen. (You will not be charged a cancellation fee.)

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